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 The Opening- Light's First Appearance (Open)

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PostSubject: The Opening- Light's First Appearance (Open)   Sat Dec 19, 2009 9:13 pm

Description: Through the mountains of Kumori no Kuni, the grace of clouds floating in illusionary grey circle round the village from above. Not from a far has the Kage's office. From there stands a ninja standing on the roof of the Kage's office who's appearance makes it clear that the ninja is a male. His hair is as dark as the night sky and sways like the flapping of a crows wings through the air as the head band in the color of white with a metal plate over it with the symbol of the cloud village's logo. His eyes a lushious blue like that of clear blue oceananic water. His mouth is shroaded by a white mask almost like its wrapped around like medical wrapping. It appeared he was standing at a hieght of five feet and eight inches. His clothing was draped in grey as if to blend in with the clouds. His wrists and bottom legs was gaurded in metal plating. His hands twirling a kunai knuckle to knuckle making it obvious that he was skilled enough not to cut him self while doing so.

"Heh go figure theres nothing to do in this forsaken village. Why do i still even work seems to me that the outlaws have more fun then any of the village really is starting to piss me off." He sighs stops rolling is kunai. Suddenly he spins the kunai and it lands facing flat onto his palm where he then puts it away. Soon after he flips off the roof landing on the roof of a smaller building. He gets back up and walks to the edge of the smaller building and jumps down landing feet first onto the village's ground. "Time to go look for some exciting. There has to be something to do around in these parts of the village."

The ninja sighs yet again and begins to walk a ways north up into the village. As he walks through the village he looks up into the sky and does not even smile as he stares at the blank and boring sky. It was here where he realized thats how his life is...boring and bleak to every aspect. He then stops looking at the sky and looks straight infront of him where he then encounters the village's forest.

Decription: The forest is said to have a genjutsu that would drive a ninja that was not of the origins of the Cloud Village insane. The forest was not a normal forest. It raised trees and flowers through the grass. Though the only difference is that strains of lightning or what looked like lightning repeatedly trailed around the area, but other than that it was a rather beutiful area. This forest was a shorcut path into the Village's town and the outer northern gates to leave the village on an important mission.

The ninja walked into the the forest as he steped onto the forests grass the harmless strain of lightning trailed around the trees and the ninja. "Heh...I always wondered how this forest came to be it's quite abnormal to most forests..." he sighs as he walks through heading for town. After a full hour the clouds begin to light up what becomes the night sky. He is still about a quarter of a mile away from the villages town. The ninja yet again sighs.

Soon after he makes it to the entry of the Villages Town which was the main atracting point for the Village's people.

Description: In the the town, lies five buildings that circled the areas. Each building was a store of some sort. The first building to the right was the ramen stand where the ninja could eat any variety of ramen. The next building was coated in the color blue and white with the cloud village logo across the the name "The Cloud Inn" which gave away the fact that it was the resting place for ninja's who came to the village for a mission. Soon after came a little show where the steam of smoke always blew out of. From this shop you can see tiny embers fly up into the air as what looks like a black smith strikes the metal with a hammer of some sort. This building is known as the "Cloud Village Weapon Repair and Weapon Forge" this is where most ninja get their weapons. The nex building has a cross on top of the building. The cross was in the color of a crimson red; with this, it had shown it was the medical facility. Then their was the building where only chuunin and up could enter, The Scroll Shop, in lies the secrets of any elemental jutsu ranking from D-S. This shop also has the scrolls of every kind like ninjutsu, genjutsu, taijutsu, senjutsu (sage jutsu [summoning]), Kaijutsu (weapon jutsu).

The ninja sighs once again as he walks into the village's town as he heads to the ramen stand. He takes his seat as he orders a regular styled ramen. As the bowl is passed to him he breaks the sticks apart and begins to eat the ramen.
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The Opening- Light's First Appearance (Open)
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