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 Shin Taizen

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PostSubject: Shin Taizen   Sat Feb 05, 2011 2:12 am

Character Certification

Name: Taizen Shin
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Rank: S ranked Missing Nin
Village: N/A


Element(s): Lightning, Fire



Lightning Jutsu

Fire jutsu:

Summoning Jutsu:



Other Jutsu:

Weapon Template:


Total: [-35-]
D-Rank - [-0-]
C-Rank - [-0-]
B-Rank - [-0-]
A-Rank - [-0-]
AA-Rank - [-0-]
S-Rank - [-0-]


  • Kunai: 20
  • Shuriken: 20
  • Exploding Tags: 10


Training Arc:

Village - Acadmey Arc

Genin Arc:

Chunnin Arc:

Jounin Arc:

RP Sample:

=================Misc Info=================


[spoiler]Name: Gamabuke(Toad Warrior)
Rank: A
Gamabuke is a very big toad, at the size of seventy-five meters tall. He wears clothing like most of the toads nowadays. His clothing mostly consists of a black jacket like robe, that reaches down to his feet. He wields a Sasumata and a shield. He is a red toad with a black curve that covers about a meter wide across his face, and reaches to his eye to his chin and then his other eye.
Contract Type: blood donation
Elemental Affinity: Water
Special Abilities/Characteristics: Despite his size, he is a very agile toad, that can use strong attack with the weapons he holds and the jutsu he uses. He is a toad with much pride and unlike his father, he does not see himself as clumsy. Gamabuke is about 75 meters tall.
Background: This is the most recent toad Shin has been able to summon. This is also the biggest one, he has been able to summon. Shin meet Gamabuke after his son introduced Shin to his toad family. Shin was required to train with the toads, if he wanted to summon them.

After a few days of training, Shin was able to summon Gamako's father, who was much stronger than Gamako. Shin has only needed to summon Gamabuke once, and has only summoned him once. It is not always enjoyable to be around Gamabuke, if he is really not needed. Shin knows he will have to summon him once again, and wishes that day will never come.
Summons Jutsu: [What jutsu does your summon possess, if any?]

Name: Water Release: Water Pistol
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: C
Element: Water
Description: The Water Release: Water Pistol is demonstrated as being both a technique on its own and as a two-way collaboration jutsu. Using this technique, the user can blast off a wave of high speed water from his mouth of such precision that it can pierce through any object. When combined with another person's chakra, this technique becomes a two-way collaboration water jutsu that can be combined with a lighting jutsu, to make the attack more powerful.

Name: Toad Oil Bullet
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: The user converts their chakra into an extremely sticky oil and spits this out as a huge mass. This jutsu has been combined with several other elements in order to create new techniques, including wind, fire, and both.

Name: Gamako (Toad Child)
Rank: C
Gamako is a smaller toad, but an average size for his age. He is about ten meters tall, which is still much taller than a human. He is a red toad, with touches of blue around his body. He also wears clothing like many of toads like him. He sometimes is seen smoking from a pipe, but this is very rare. Lastly, he wears big black gloves over his hands, these gloves are fitted for him.
Contract Type: blood donation
Species: Toad
Elemental Affinity: Fire
Special Abilities/Characteristics: This summon is not as good as fighter as most toads, but he can still hold his own against lower ranking ninja. He has a few jutsu that he uses to fight with, and a few that help the summoner get out of tough situations. He is big enough for a human to sit on, but only one at a time.
Background: Gamako was the first toad Shin summoned. Gamako was smaller than Shin this first time he was summoned and not very strong. The two did not get along well at first, seeing as they were too young of an age to understand the bond of summon and summoner. However, this changed over time, when the two got to know each other a little better, and both got stronger together.

As the years passed the two become great friends and even fought together, while on missions. Shin was even invited to meet Gamako's family which would soon lead to Shin being able to train and summon other toads. Shin has only been able to summon one other toad, this being Gamako's father.
Summons Jutsu: Reverse Summoning Technique and Fire Release: Flame Bullet

Name: Reverse Summoning Technique
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: C
Description: The counterpart of the Summoning Technique, this jutsu allows an animal to summon humans that they have a contract with. The user can only summon one person at a time.

Name: Fire Release: Flame Bullet
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: C
Element: Fire
Description: The Fire Release: Flame Bullet technique resembles the Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique; but it is more of a stream than a ball. The technique is executed by user gathering oil in their mouth, spits it out, and ignites it, sending a streaming fireball to the enemy. Similar to the Fire Release: Ash Pile Burning technique, this jutsu also produces a combustible material prior to ignition.

Name: Shima (Ma) and Fukasaku (Pa)
Rank: S

Contract Type: blood donation
Species: Toad
Elemental Affinity: Fire, Wind

Name:Demonic Illusion: Toad Confrontation Singing
Description:This is a sound-based genjutsu passed down on Mount Myōboku. Because learning it requires many long years of training, only the Two Great Sage Toads, Fukasaku and Shima, have the skills to perform it. It is said to be the most powerful genjutsu in their arsenal. It is immensely powerful and only has to reach the target's sense of hearing to be a success. Even if there are several hundred targets, they are completely disconnected from each other. Inside the genjutsu world, the targets are surrounded from all sides by four toad samurai, with their mind and body completely sealed between their hands in an illusionary cube of water. The four unmoving toads won't lift the complete binding until the user gives the order. After the enemies have been caught in the genjutsu, all that is left to do is to strike the finishing blow in the real world, with Mount Myōboku's secret stone swords (石剣, Ishiken) which are driven into the targets' hearts like a wedge.

Name:Fighting Tongue Slash
Description:By kneading senjutsu chakra, Fukasaku's long tongue gains utmost solidity and sharpness. It then leaps from his mouth with tremendous speed and force, even tearing a hole in the bedrock and through metal pipes. With that ground-splitting power, the enemy is cut in half. The way the both the enemy and the ground itself are cut apart is reminiscent of the strike of a great sword.

Name:Frog Kata
Description:The Frog Kata is a fighting style used exclusively by those who have mastered Sage Mode. The senjutsu chakra used during Sage Mode activates the body in various ways, enhancing the user's speed, strength, stamina and durability. This allows a Sage to do incredible feats which include leaping great distances, shattering sharp materials with their hands as well as lifting objects several times their size.

In Frog Kata, the natural energy used by the practitioner to create senjutsu chakra, also encapsulates the user as an aura of natural energy. This aura of the Sage's senjutsu chakra can act as an extension of their body and cannot be seen by anyone other than those who have trained in senjutsu. By employing this aura of natural energy, the user can extend the range and force of their physical attacks. Strikes that seemingly or would normally miss a target, actually makes contact with the opponent. One punch has been shown to have enough force to cripple and completely finish off an opponent.

Name:Giant Shuriken Apparition
Description:This jutsu causes a large shuriken in front of the user by merely clapping their hands. The ability to have weapons that do not need to be concealed and can be gained without hand-signs makes this a valuable jutsu.

Name:Reverse Summoning Technique
Description:The counterpart of the Summoning Technique, this jutsu allows an animal to summon humans that they have a contract with. Gamakichi has used this technique to summon Naruto to Mount Myōboku to begin his training. Fukasaku has also been shown summoning the shadow clones of Naruto through a scroll.

Name:Sage Art: Amphibian Technique
Description:This technique is used by Shima and Fukasaku to fuse with Jiraiya. It maximizes the sage chakra for the person they are fused to and allows them to access Sage Mode. This also allows Fukasaku and Shima to continuously gather sage chakra for Jiraiya, as he cannot do so himself while on the move, thus eliminating the weakness of exhausting all of his sage chakra in battle. Fukasaku and Shima were not able to fuse with Naruto Uzumaki because the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox rejected them.

Name:Sage Art: Frog Call
Description:After focusing Senjutsu chakra to their throats, both Fukasaku and Shima sing, releasing large, loud, and immensely powerful sound waves that effectively annoy, distract, and temporarily paralyze the target completely.

Name:Fighting Tongue Bind
Description:After focusing senjutsu chakra to her tongue it grows to its maximum limit and has been reshaped with a face. The tongue will then seek out the scent of its target. When the target is found, she ensnares it to prevent escape and marks it with a corrosive chemical. Shima uses this to find Pain's camouflaged Giant Chameleon, allowing Fukasaku to use Fighting Tongue Slash on it.

Name:Sage Art: Wind Release Dust Cloud
Description:Shima exhales a massive cloud of dust from her mouth, which is thick enough that it is capable of blocking the target's vision completely. The dust cloud is also large enough to hide a summon as large as Gamabunta.

Name:Sage Mode: Perfect Sage Mode
Description:Senjutsu refers to a specialized field of jutsu that allows the user to sense and then gather the natural energy around a person. Senjutsu practitioners can then learn to draw the energy of nature inside of them blending it with their own chakra, adding a new dimension of power to the sage's chakra, resulting in the creation of "senjutsu chakra". This chakra cannot be seen by anyone other than those who have been trained in senjutsu.

This new chakra enables the user to enter an empowered state called Sage Mode, which can then drastically increase the strength of all ninjutsu, genjutsu, and taijutsu. A person who is able to use senjutsu is called a sage. The User is able to perfectly balance the natural energy with his own chakra. This allows him to use the true Sage Mode, which retains all of his normal physical characteristics except for toad-like eyes: yellow irises, horizontal bar-like pupils, and the reddish-orange pigment mark of a true sage on each eye.

Summoned Creature: Samurai Toads
Rank: D-B
Appearance: The smaller ones D-ranked

Medium Toads C-ranked
They also carry two katanas on there backs as well

Large Toads B-ranked

Description: These toads are train in the specific ways of both the samurai and the ninja. They are the warrior toads of Mount Myoboku and under the tutelage of the larger toads of the samurai, they can be summoned at the convience. They are usually blue, though there are always those that have some shades of red, green, purple. orange and yellow but the general toads that most Heiki summons are the color of turquoise. They have no element but they are exceptionally powerful in the art of sword wielding.
Speciality Kenjutsu

Summoned Creature: Barrier Toad
Rank: B-ranked

Description: This technique summons a small, gourd-shaped toad, called a "Gourd Toad" (瓢箪蝦蟇, Hyōtan Gama), a unique species of toad indigenous to Mount Myōboku. This technique is used to capture and isolate a victim by dragging them into the toad's stomach. Isolated from the outside world by a barrier, the space inside the Gourd Toad's stomach is far larger than the surface size of the Gourd Toad itself.

The environment inside the toad's stomach is a cavernous chamber, which includes a lake of strong corrosive gastric acid that can dissolve anything that should happen to fall into it, along with shores around the acid lake, and formations sticking out of the lake. Once trapped inside, an opponent is cut off from any allies and susceptible to attack, and can then be easily defeated. However, that is only if the opponent get caught in the toad. It has above average range in taijutsu

Speciality; Fuuinjutsu

Summoned Creature: Diving Toads
Rank: C

Description: The user summons a special Diving Toad (潜り蝦蟇, Moguri Gama) from Mount Myōboku and hides inside its stomach.

The frog is able to dive up to a hundred meters in fresh water, making it especially useful for infiltrating enemy camps that are surrounded by a river or a lake. The stomach of the frog also has a special barrier that obstructs chakra, protecting the user from detection-type ninjutsu. This, currently, can only be used by Shin

Speciality: Sensory
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Shin Taizen
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