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 Arriving in Hidden Leaf [Open]

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PostSubject: Arriving in Hidden Leaf [Open]   Mon Jan 04, 2010 5:24 pm

This world is filled with lies and made up of lies... With every truth told there are countless lies entwined with it. And we accept such lies because these lies have been tied down so deeply, so far, that we've become unable to disentangle them from the truth. We are lost in lies and have lived in lies for so long that we fail to see the lies for what they are and even if we did, we fail to accept them as lies. It is human nature to reject the unknown. Human nature to forget about fear. Human nature to do anything to relieve oneself from pain, misery, fear, and the unknown when one has dived in too far. And thus lies are born. Mere facades to continue living as if everything is alright and in order.

She let out a small sigh and looked up at the starry night sky. Those small twinkling lights that winked at one from so many miles away, so many years away. Those lights that seemed to capture mankind's hopes and dreams. Hopes and dreams that existed but for mere seconds and then quickly erased or replaced with others. Those lights that reflected mankind. That mankind would go through such struggles to live and yet be so easily killed and another born to replace them... There were many questions. Questions about why this world existed. Why mankind continued to live when it knew its faults. So, so many questions. But very few held answers. Oh so few ever were answered. And fewer yet were those answers true. Even if one were to find an answer, who is to say that that answer was a lie?

Within the confines her mind a bitter laugh echoed. Yes, mankind could never understand, never be answered, never; but, they would live. And generation after generation would ask these same questions. Generation after generation would seek out these answers. Another laugh. Just like she. Just like she they would waste their lives trying to find answers that didn't exist. Ask meaningless questions that had no answer. And even if they were to realize this... onward they would ask and look. All because they were human. Human nature planted the seeds. Human nature nurtured these seeds. Human nature prevented them from stopping this growth. You born what you were. But your thoughts and actions... they were influenced by a million different things. In order to find the truth and the answers one seeked, one would have to change human nature. Change the world as every living being knew it. All the rules would have to change. All the laws would have to be changed. Everything. And no one man could do it alone. No, it would take thousands upon thousands to even attempt to break this cycle. To tame nature. To tame the un-tamable. And even then it was but an attempt. To numbers and power needed to succeed? That went far beyond what any could conjure up in their minds.

She turned away then. The lights were blurring in her eyes. Her eyes that could not see and yet see. She could only focus things every now and then. But always they would disappear. Sometimes she wondered if they were but images conjured up within her mind. Images from her past when her sight had not been affected. Back when she was but a small child who could see as well as any other. But her vision had ended, faded. The countless doctors who had examined her had confirmed that. She would never see again. Never. The attack to her body had affected only her eyes. Just her eyes... but it had taken away something she had taken for granted. Vision. She came from a clan who did not see. A clan who was used to blindness. But to her? An individual? She had been born with near perfect eyesight, a complete rarity among her people. And she had been robbed of that in mere minutes by a child only a few years older than herself. Robbed of sight because of a technique that a clan used. She had become a Chuunin alright, but at what? The cost of never seeing again... Never seeing with her own eyes naturally again. Oh she could undergo surgery, could activate her bloodline sometime later in her teenage years, could use chakra, could do a number of things to regain her sight, even restore to what it was... but she didn't want to.

Why bother with some supplement? Her sight would be returned in a few years. She could wait. Let her body naturally regain that lost sight. And when she activated her bloodline the day she became thirteen she had done nothing but train in it. Done nothing but use her new eyes. Done nothing but learn. Learn and train. So that now, even nearly a year later, she was close to mastering these eyes. Close, very close. The struggle to see again, the desire to see, it had fueled like nothing ever had. And that these eyes gave her more control over wind. That was a blessing in so many ways. She couldn't even imagine herself living without wind. Gods, her very life essence may as well be wind! She used it constantly. It was shield, weapon, friend, and family to her! Everything! Using the wind was like breathing, eating, drinking, and sleeping for her. Without it you may as well kill her. She was nothing without it... Nothing...

The waves came back to her then. A town? ... No a village. And slowly, an image was painted for her. She could have used her eyes, could have, but she didn't want to. She was used to having no sight. To have it now... it would only harm her more than aid her. The wind was her eyes. A wall. Tall and thick. Metal railings, wooden fixtures. Guards. Two. A dog. Buildings. Insects, dogs, cats. Sometimes children by the way they were always moving and their size. Drunkards by the way they walked unsteadily. Lovers from the way they were pressed so closely together. She could sense it all, and with just the wind. With her eyes... what would she see? Village gates, a tall wall, some guards, darkness. But with the wind... she was aware of everything, she only had to pick up on any one particular object and she would know with full details what it was. And no one would notice this. Her wind was but a silent whisper. You couldn't see it moving. You couldn't feel it. Perhaps if you had eyes or senses attuned to tracking moving chakra bits that were small, maybe then you would notice. But even then, could you put it all together? No. Her wind could reach long distances, she had never tried to find the full range of it, but it could cover a fairly large area easily. The information would be vague, very vague, but it would let her appear to be normal on the surface. And when she needed to interact with others, she had but to focus the wind into a small area and she could learn so much. And that was exactly what she did right now. The guards would undoubtedly be interested in her.

"Welcome to the Hidden Leaf Village," announced the first. He didn't truly want her here, but it was customary. One never knew when one was talking to a nobleman or some other person of importance. Few would be foolish enough to travel in their natural skins when they were traveling. Not unless they had many guards, and trusted ones at that. No... disguises proved far better at shielding one than some fifty or hundred guards. "May I ask what it is that brings you to the village?" he asked. She could sense the dog turning her way. Sniffing at her, becoming alert. She was a stranger. The other guard must be keeping an eye on her. Checking through his memories if she matched any important images. She shouldn't. Not unless he recognized her as child progidy from the Mist who may or may not be considered missing. He nodded very slightly. "I see that you hail from the Hidden Mist, why would you be so far from home?" So they knew who she was now, did they?

She nodded. "It has been a long night. I seek nothing more than a short respite here," she answered at first. "And yes it is a long way from home, but I find that the mainland is quite interesting and beautiful. I am naught more than a traveler in peace, and I wish for it to remain so," she said, wondering if they had even heard her light, soft, quiet voice. It was likely that they had in the silence of the night, but perhaps she was just a bit too quiet.

The first nodded and stepped back to his original position. "Very well. Your presence in the village will be reported to the Hokage. There will be no need to worry about any... conflicts. We will see to it that the local ninja do not attack you. Do you require any services?" Again, preset lines. She nearly sighed, but didn't. It would be poor manners and could cause suspicion.

"There is no need. I am quite sure I know my way. If not I shall ask for help. Thank you," she said quietly, a small nod of her head out of manners and then she was on her way. But not before she heard their quiet whispers. "Seifukunitsuu Mira... child prodigy of the Hidden Mist, why is she here? She could be planning to assassin Lord Hokage. She has the skills, does she not? A Jounin and only thirteen! ... Nonsense. She's been traveling the lands. Hidden Mist even sent warnings that she is not to be apprehended. That she's not to be attacked or taken prisoner unless her actions permit it. ... That's true but still... How do we know Mist isn't planning something? ... She's been helping villagers and ninja alike. I doubt she would harm us. If she had meant the village harm she would have already killed us by now. ... Alright, but I'm still going to ask Lord Hokage to have some Jounin keep an eye on her."

Mira laughed softly. Her laughter but a faint whisper. Did they really think she was here to cause the village harm? If she meant the village harm she could have done that without even being present here herself... She turned right and let her thoughts roam. How long would she stay in the Leaf? And why did Mist still claim her as one of their own? She reached out and pushed open a door. She stood in the doorway a few seconds, just to make sure she was in the right place. Yes, she was. A small, late night restaurant. She let her wind spread out. It was fairly occupied, but not too crowded. The place seemed to be in good atmosphere. A few heads had turned her way, but as far as she could tell none were moving towards her. And she stepped forward, as she did so she applied chakra to her eyes. And colors blurred and sharpened before her. She glanced at the various menus she could see very quickly. By the time she had reached the counter, she eyes were back to normal, a dark purple.

Led to her table she quickly rattled off a few dishes. Of note, they were all from the desert section. Very high in sugar. The attendant merely jotted it all down before asking for a drink, to which she ordered a soda, a few brief jots and then they were gone. She looked quite odd there. Sitting in a both, leaning against the seats, barely reaching the top of the seats. Her feet swinging slightly in empty air, not quite touching the ground. The table looked a little too big. She may be thirteen, but for all appearance she looked much younger. What was a child doing in such a place? Had she some kind of headband they might have not wondered too much. But all she had on was a soft, pale gown. No signs of being a ninja to her at all. For all appearances she appeared to be the daughter of some middle class family, maybe one of the high class families. Who knew?
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Arriving in Hidden Leaf [Open]
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