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PostSubject: Shin(WIP)   Mon Jan 18, 2010 8:29 pm

Basic Information:

    Taizen Shin
    Secondary Title:
    The Calm Sage
    Physical Appearance:
    Shin is a man that is dark skinned with spiky white hair like a lot of Kumo shinobi. His hair is rather short and only reaches to about the top of his neck. His eyes are brown and somewhat big, while compared to a normal human, however, they are not huge. His headband is silver and has the kumo symbol on it. The cloth on the headband is black. Shin wears the headband, around his head. He is always seen with a lolipop, tooth pick or senbon in his mouth.

    As a sword user he carries his sword on his back. Shin wears the kumo flack jacket, which is a gray and white color. The sleeves and the upper torso of this jacket is gray and the bottom half is is mainly white. Shin wears many different colors on his lower half of his body. He has a tealish colored belt around his waist. This belt reaches down further the normal belts and looks more like just a piece of cloth, than a belt. His pants are black, with a white strap on the right leg. These pants reach down to his feet. At the shin's there is a red cloth that comes out of the top and the rest of the pants are wrapped in a white cloth. He wears black open-toed shoes.

    Shin is a honorable man. He loves to fight, but he also loves messing around with people. He knows when he can play around and when he can get serious. He enjoys to fight with his sword, but he is more skilled in the art of summoning and ninjutsu. He loves to eat, and will eat often. He will also choose food over money. Shin will do anything to prove that he is stronger than his opponent. He has a strong will, and is not easily tempted.

    Despite the fact of loving to fight, he is a very carefree person and loves to be lazy. He likes to spend the afternoon sitting under a shady tree, if he can. He wants to be as worry free as he can. He is often heard humming, or singing, if he thinks he is alone. Although he will hum at random times, if he feels like it. He feels his problems will be solved, over time. He also loves nature, and the animals within them.

    Shin feels that he needs to protect his village, and the people in it, at all cost. He feels like the whole village is his family, even if the person hates him. He likes to feel the people with the village with good thoughts, saying encoring words and more times than not, he will sing songs that are loving or encoring. Lastly, he wants to become a father, so he has two things, to be with the love of his life, and to have a child to protect and help grow. He wants to lead his village as Raikage one day.
    Catch Phrase:
    "Hakuna Matata."

Rank Information:

    A-Ranked Jounin
    Village Affiliation:
    Hidden Cloud Village.

Special Information:

    Character Speciality:
    Elemental Affinity:
    Main: Lightning
    Sub: Fire
    Special Characteristics:
    Shin is a very skilled summoner. He mainly summons toads. He is also skilled in an odd type of Kenjutsu, that has rarely been seen. He has also become quite skilled in fighting without his hands. He mainly uses his mouth and legs, if he cannot use his hands.

Skill Information:
Note: You can find the other templates in the other Creation Areas if your character needs them.

    Jutsu Template:

    Lightning Jutsu

    Fire jutsu:

    Summoning Jutsu:


    Other Jutsu:

    Weapon Template:




Background Information


    Training Arc:
    Shin grew up with his father in a dojo, training his whole life. His father trained him in the styles of Kenjutsu at a young age. Shin's Father even owned his own school were Shin could train at with the others. He was the youngest and the least skilled at the time. However, at his young age, he knew how to fight well than most kids who were Genin, and twice his age.

    After a year after Shin started training his father disappeared. This is when he began to hear stories of his father, and his past. Shin's father was a deadly man who killed over a thousand people in battle. He knew that he would look down on his father for killing all those people, this made him want to become stronger. He was taken in by one of the keepers of the dojo, which happened to be his friends grandfather. The two friends did not always get along, because Shin was always training. He wanted to become better than his father and men in the school took him, to train him. He trained nonstop, to become the best with the ogame fighting style.

    Shin was not a strong person at the time, because his lack of muscles. This gave him the upper hand when it came to speed though. Thus when it came time to start learning a form, he had chosen fire. He would soon become the one of the best kenjutsu users, with this style. At this time, Shin stopped using kenjutsu altogether, and started using summoning and ninjutsu. He father used Summoning quite a bit, even though he had been skilled in Kenjutsu. This was the time Shin signed with the summoning of the toads.

    At this time, Shin was not part of any village. In fact, he really did not know of villages, but he did learn many things ninja's would learn. He not only learned the ogame sword style, but ninja skills as well. He was taught by the man who was the strongest in the dojo, besides Shin's father. He was lucky to do so, but this man was always hard on Shin. In the end, this would help him become one of the strongest ninja in his current village.

    After years of training, the school broke apart, leaving only Shin, his friend and her grandfather. The three did not spend much time together, besides when they ate. The three of them loved to eat, and there were always good meals. Besides eating a lot, most of Shin's time was training. This was a very boring time of his life. Shin was about the age of ten, and was about a high leveled Genin. It was about two months later that, a group of Jounin, from the lightning ninja, were trying to find new ninja from their village, that they came to see Shin. They had heard of the dojo, which was uncommon, the dojo was very hidden and poor. However, they were known for being powerful Kenjutsu masters.

    Village - Acadmey Arc
    They were meet by Shin, and he did not allow them to pass. He offered them a challenge, and if they were to beat him, they could pass. He asked that only one of them attacked him. They did so, and he looked like a normal Genin, so the person did not think about him being strong. Shin was attacked head on and knocked out one of the Jounin. He smiled and said. "You pass" The rest of the Jounin talked things over with Shin and the others, and decided that it would be best for Shin to join their village. Shin had no idea what a village was, but he knew that if he could get stronger he would.

    Shin joined Kumo sometime after and began in the ninja academy, because he did not know anything about being a ninja. He had to start out with the basics, because he may have been skilled in areas that were good, but he did not know what it took to be a ninja, himself. It took about two years for Shin to graduate from the academy. He was know a genin, and ready to face the world.

    Genin Arc:
    Shin become a Genin, within two years of him joining the cloud village. At this time, he was put in a team of three, four counting himself. He enjoyed the time he had with his team, but he was more interested in becoming stronger and his summoning. During this time, was when Shin summoned his first real toad. He had tried many times before, but he had failed. He was happy that he finally could use the summoning technique. However, he still had a long way to go.

    During this time, Shin went on many missions and began learning new jutsu, so that he could use them, and become much stronger. His main type of fighting at this time, was ninjutsu, and he used the lightning element at this time. He learned many lightning jutsu at this time, while on missions and making a few up on his own. His team has been strong, at this time, but needed some work.

    Shin soon meet up with Gamako, who was not friendly the first time they met. The two were in fact considered to be much like enemies, but they did fight together if they needed to. Gamako was used on the teams last mission, before the chunnin exams. After this mission, the team was ready to join the chunnin exams. Shin had been working on some kenjutsu at this time, so that he could use different types of fighting in the exams.

    During the chunnin exams Shin's team did very well. They passed the first two exams with flying colors, because they worked well as a team. The hardest part of the exam was soon to come, when the chance of one of team members would have to fight each other. Shin knew that he could beat the others, but he did not wish to fight them at all. At the end of the day, all three had passed the chunnin exams.

    Chunnin Arc:
    This part in Shin' history is probably the least important of his life. Not much had happened during his time as a chunnin, besides the fact that he did many missions and his friendship grew stronger with his team and Gamako. He also trained a little bit more with Kenjutsu and started to develop many summoning jutsu. This part in his history was mainly about becoming stronger, and working towards becoming a Jounin.

    The main thing that happen, while Shin was a chunnin was him finding out that he had a second element, which had been fire. He knew that he could use this with his summoning, and this would allow him to use his summons more. He become stronger, after learning some fire jutsu, and training with Gamako, several times, through his chunnin years. After a few years as a Chunnin, Shin was given the title of Jounin.

    Jounin Arc:
    This is Shin's current time in history. Although he hasn't been a Jounin long, this is probably his most important part in his life. The most notable thing that happened in this time, was his training with the toads. Gamako, allowed Shin to come to where the toads lived, and Gamako's father, allowed Shin to train with the two. This lead to Shin being able to summon a much stronger toad in battle. Shin has only used this summoning once, when he was assigned on an A-ranked mission. He had to fight a strong opponent, and needed help.

    Shin also began to develop many more jutsu, and become stronger with the ones he knew before hand. Shin has also earned a title for himself, The calm sage. The reason begin for this title, is one, he summons toads in battle, and he is a very calm person. Shin is still waiting for a team to be assigned to.

    Role-Play Sample:
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