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 Mira's Weapon & Item

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PostSubject: Mira's Weapon & Item   Fri Dec 11, 2009 3:47 pm

Name: Sode no Shirayuki - Sleeve of White Snow
Rank: A - S
Type: Weapon

Sode no Shirayuki is regarded as one of the most beautiful blades in Kirigakure. It is completely white, including the hilt, crossguard, and blade. The tsuba turns into a circle and a white ribbon forms from the pommel. Sode no Shirayuki has control over ice. Tapping into Sode no Shirayuki's inner power is activated with the phrase mai - dance. Sode no Shirayuki has three specific abilities that Mira knows of, Some no Mai, Tsukishiro - First Dance, White Moon; Tsugi no Mai, Hakuren - Next Dance, White Ripple; and San no Mai, Shirafune - Third Dance, White Sword. In addition to these techniques, Sode no Shirayuki is much like ice, being that it causes mild freezing or tingling sensation when cutting into an opponent and feels ice cold to the touch, save for Mira. Shichiyou, being sealed within Sode no Shirayuki is able to converse with Mira to a small degree. She may also "control" Mira's movements, allowing her to wield Sode no Shirayuki better than she is capable of. Sode no Shirayuki seems to only respond to Mira's touch as others who have attempted to wield it have had their hand badly frostbitten or find that they can not control the movement of the blade at all. Whether this is due to something within Mira that reacts to Sode no Shirayuki, or simply because of the bond between Mira and the spirit within the blade is unknown.
It was said that once long ago before the creation of mankind there once lived a great and powerful race who had power mankind could never dream of obtaining... the gods. Amongst these gods was Tsukuyomi, God of the Moon. During the time when mankind had first been created and the gods gave some members of mankind powers similar to their own, Tsukuyomi placed powers tying in with the moon on a young girl. This girl's name was Kiyoraka Shichiyou...

In time she grew up to be a beautiful young woman, but within her was a gift from the gods. Some deemed this gift evil, others good. As time went on, it became apparant that she was not entirely human. People began to fear her, as all did with those blessed by the gods. Though beautiful, intelligent, powerful, and captivating, many feared her. This fear increased as she continued to live long after she should have, outliving her brothers and sisters.

As she lived on through each new generation, the people's fear of her grew, as did their fear with all others who had these gifts from the gods. Then a young man appeared and calmed this fear. He was the Rikudou Sennin, the Six Realms Sage. He had been blessed with a special gift. Rikudou Sennin was able to pass on the gods' gifts to all who wished to have these gifts. For a time the people were apeased and no longer feared these demigods. Some even went so far as to believe they were stronger than the demigods and gods... it proved to be fatal.

Angered, demigods and gods alike struck out at those who had been taught by Rikudou Sennin. The people would then realize that these gifts were nothing in comparison to the demigods and gods. United by this small fact, the people revolted and worked together to rid the world of the gods and demigods, or at least seal them away. The power of the gods retaliated and for a time the world was at risk of pershing forever.

Rikudou Sennin, wishing for peace had used much of his own power to quell the people and make peace with the gods. The gods left this world, leaving their children, the demigods, to fend for themselves. Rikudou Sennin could not appease the people from attacking these demigods, and in result, many were killed or sealed away.

Shichiyou was peaceful in nature and proved to be a rather easy demigod to do away with. She could have easily been killed, but the people instead chose to seal her within her own blade: Sode no Shirayuki. A beautiful maiden sealed within a beautiful sword, a fitting punishment many believed. While sealed within her own sword, Shichiyou began to develop feelings of hatred and bitterness towards the people who had first sealed her within Sode no Shirayuki, but even so, she still retained her wish for peace.

As the people began to develop these gifts they had recieved from Rikudou Sennin, they began to fight amongst themselves. And so the ninja wars began. Sode no Shirayuki had been carried by ninja who would one day start Kirigakure no Sato in Mizu no Kuni. Above all things, they treasured Sode no Shirayuki the most, for it was a direct blessing from the ancient gods and still had the power of the gods. But as the world gained stability, the stories about Sode no Shirayuki began to fade. The people of Mizu no Kuni began to forget of the legendary and powerful bade that they protected and had possesion of.

But not all hope was lost... very slowly Sode no Shirayuki resurfaced in Kirigakure's interest. With the creation of the Kiri no Shinobigatana Nananin Shū, the Seven Swordsmen of Mist, Sode no Shirayuki gained importance once more. But as most of Kiri no Shinobigatana Nananin Shū was made up of men, and few women ever made up Kiri no Shinobigatana Nananin Shū, Sode no Shirayuki began to fade again for she would let no man handle her.

And so it seemed Sode no Shirayuki would be forgotten and lost forever, but one young man heard of the stories of old. He was Kuroichigo Kajikiza, leader of the Kiri no Shinobigatana Nananin Shū. Interested in what Sode no Shirayuki could do, he took possession of the legendary blade and looked for a suitable partner for the enchanting blade. He settled on a young girl from the Seifukunitsuu Clan. He believed her to be a suitable partner for Sode no Shirayuki.. this child who seemed to match what he thought the ancient bearer of this blade was like, not only in appearance, but in personality as well. Upon her graduation as a Chuunin, he presented the blade to Seifukunitsuu Mira and began to teach her the way of the sword.

Shichiyou took interest in this child, for it was the first time a woman had held her in a long time. She believed this child would one day make a name for herself and understood her feelings of misplacement for she herself had often been like this while growing up. Always wondering where her path lay. Why others seemed to both like and hate her so much. Slowly, very slowly she began to make her presence known to Mira. Together the two learned to make use of one another's skills and the two formed a close bond.
Name: Cross -No real name-
Rank: C +
Type: Item
A soft blue color schemed cross with dark blue veins throughout it in circling patterns and light blue vertical lines. Pale blue caps and ring, a soft silver-white chain threaded through it. Upon the cross rises five ornate items: four blue gems and a small clock. Of the four gems, two are stars, one is a moon, and the last is a intricate arrow pointing towards the moon at the top. Below the arrow is a small analog clock face, its rims the same dark blue as its veins and the face itself the same blue as the gems.
Asides from being able to tell time from it, Mira can store chakra in the four gems. The chakra in these gems act like a reserve for Mira should she happen to run out of chakra in battle. The arrow only holds enough chakra for Mira utilize her support jutsus (Five Senses, Wind Floating, Hand of Wind, & Armor of Wind.) for twenty/forty more posts. The stars hold enough chakra for Mira to utilize up to twenty E, fifteen D, ten C, or five B rank jutsus. The moon holds enough chakra for twenty-five E, twenty D, fifteen C, ten B, or five A rank jutsus.
A small gift given to Mira from her teammates soon after they get home from the Chuunin Exams. Due to the events taking place in the Chuunin Exams, her teammates had been worried for her welfare and gave her the cross as something to help them feel better about leaving Mira alone on future missions or when she was battling on her own.
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Mira's Weapon & Item
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