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A Naruto rpg forum. This will allow you to roleplay with all your favorite Naruto characters. A site that allows you to create your own ninja, and live their life or live a life as a ninja from the manga.
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 Amaya Kimori {WIP}

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PostSubject: Amaya Kimori {WIP}   Tue Dec 08, 2009 7:18 pm

Name: Amaya Kimori
Age 16
Rank: Chuunin
Village: Leaf

Appearance: Amaya, said by many of her family members and friends having a nice figure. Though she’ll always say other wise. Always wearing the normal black Kimono like thing. All black. The pants legging reaching just the ground, though hovering over it at all times. Depending on the weather. Amaya shall wear either a long-sleeved shirt that goes along with the pants or a sleeveless shirt. Around her wrist is a bandage wrapping; covering a marking that deals with a past relative. Though on the other wrist is because of a bad burn mark that is known to never heal. Amaya has pale skin, from normally working around in the shade so much. Though her hair is a dark color blond. Having natural red in it. Quite strange since that her family has no red in their hair or anything of the sort. But, it is shown that she wears most of it in a bun, while a long strip stays in the front; almost like Ino’s. Though sometimes is found pulled back. Finally; Amaya’s eyes are that of almost like the normal Uchiha eyes; pure black onyx. Yet again; not ever seen in the Kimori family.

Personality Though, that of Amaya’s kind appearance. She is known to hardly be nice, or happy in any way. Though, people are then fooled by this because her onyx eyes show happiness, and all kinds of wonderful feelings that a normal person would feel. People have thought many times that Amaya has NO feeling what so ever. Though, have a very sarcastic side. Always making some sort of come backs to those other people that try to ‘insult’ her.

Alignment: No one is quite sure about Amaya’s alignment, but is thought of being nutural.


Birth Arc: The baby's hair was blond , her skin was pale, as if deadly.People had gathered on to see how the baby was. If it lived, or if it had found early death. Though, the baby was alive and breathing. It's eyes had opened only moments ago. The baby's eyes were onyx, red near the pupil. Many of the people seemed to be happy on that the child was born, and living an breathing. But, the young child didn't how the lord of Fate would tangle her up into the web he started to forum.

Childhood: The years carried on. As did the age of the once baby--into a young female child.


Main: Ninjutsu
Sub: Fuujutsu

Main: Fire
Sub: Earth



Elemental affinity

Goals: To figure out who she is, not what people say she is.

Rp Sample:
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Amaya Kimori {WIP}
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