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 Kumori Harinezumi

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Konoha Genin
Konoha Genin

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PostSubject: Kumori Harinezumi   Fri Dec 04, 2009 6:34 pm

Name:Kumori Harinezumi
Age: 15
Rank: Gennin (High A rank, possibly S)
Village: Konoha

Appearance: Kumori has medium lengthened partially fiery red, gained from his father, partially raven black hair, gained from his mother, that is half spiked and half down. Kumori’s eyes hold an unusually deep hue of red in them, even without his Sharingan activated. The shirt Shadow wears would usually vary between days, but he would usually have black, fingerless gloves, a spiked kneepad and a necklace of his father's clan symbol. Kumori also wears a choker from time to time. He would usually let his leaf headband hang from his right back pocket. Kumori stands at about 5’8” and weighs around 157 lb.

Most people, mostly adolescent females, say Kumori has that “pretty boy” face and attitude. He also holds a book of various subjects in his right back pocket mostly just incase he gets bored.

Personality Kumori prefers to work alone and distances himself from essentially everyone, with few exceptions. Though soft-spoken and reserved, he never bluffs; if he makes a threat, he has every intention of carrying it out. Kumori views his half brother, Hayaku as his rival and equal in all aspects of his life, but still sees him as annoying and foolish as he can be.

Kumori has a rivalry with Hayaku due to their animosity with each other in terms of how they view their own methods of justice and morality, but will work together despite certain problems they have with one another, and readily come to the others aid. Kumori is known to treat others in a very callous manner, and in combat, he displays a natural "killer instinct" that his brother lacks. Kumori sometimes displays an unusually rough manner of speech, often using light swear words such as “damn” and “hell” in reference to his failure or anger.

Alignment: Good

History: Kumori’s internal family tree is as followed. Younger half brother: Hayaku Harinezumi, Mother: Ayako Uchiha, and Father: Komodo Harinezumi. Several years before Kumori’s birth, Komodo Harinezumi was a Kumogakure researcher who had a child named Hayaku with a woman by the name of Miyumi Kushiki, but about a year after the birth of their child, Miyumi left them to pursue her dream of adventure. For several months, Komodo went heartbroken, feeling the pain of betrayal so he would always bury himself in his work while still trying to be a good single father.

One day, Komodo was assigned to spend a few weeks with an Konoha immigrated kunoichi by the name of Ayako Uchiha to interview her and study the aspects of the Sharingan. At first, they had a deep distaste for each other, but soon they would learn to get used to one another. She would even help take care of Hayaku as if he were her own. Pretty soon afterwards, something sparked in between to two roommates and they fell in love with each other, got married and even had their own son, treating both him and Hayaku with the same amount of love.

Growing up, Kumori never once interacted with an actual Uchiha before due to his mother losing contact with the clan, but Ayako would always explain to him that he was still 100% Uchiha blood. Once Kumori was of age to start his training, he was taught by his mother the Uchiha ways of fighting and ninjutsu. Because of his unique Uchiha bloodline, Kumori was always told to train separately, but, even though they would always have constant disagreement, the half brothers would love to do almost everything together so they would both train with Kumori’s mother, even though Hayaku would always view her as just as much of a mother as Kumori just like she would view him just as much as her son. Due to this, Hayaku would develop the Uchiha style of fighting, the non Sharingan required at least.

2 years after Hayaku enrolled, Kumori would be accepted into the Konohagakure Ninja Academy. So as to not cause him to gain any fame or to steal any attention away from his brother, Kumori kept the fact that he was an Uchiha descendant a secret, which was pretty easy considering that was only his mother’s maiden name. Even with his secret well hidden, Kumori was regarded as the most mentally atoned student in the academy as well as being the second in physical talent, the first being his older brother, which he would spend a lot of time, even though people would always confused him to be the older brother due to Hayaku’s immatureness.

Three years later, a year after Hayaku’s graduation, Kumori’s class was supposed to do a trap setting exercise. During the exercise, the trap specialist of the class thought it would be funny to pull a prank on Kumori and set him up to set off a trap. Unfortunately, the student set him up for the wrong trap so when Kumori tripped on the rope, instead of getting needle on his rear end, dozens of kunai were sent around Kumori’s way. Fortunately, Kumori was fast enough to dodge them with the help of his newly gained Sharingan, patially gained when training with his mother and mostly from the stress of almost being killed just now.

Once it was revealed that Kumori to the students that Kumori was an Uchiha, he was praised among many. He was respected by the males of the school and loved by the females of the school. Though he was told that he could graduate from then on for the escape and the maturity of his Sharingan at such a young age, Kumori wanted to graduate just like everyone else so he went on with his full four years in the Ninja Academy and graduated at the top of his class.

Once he reached Gennin level, Kumori would continue to train to his near limit and back while completing the petty missions that were given to newly ranked Genin. Due to the unimportance and lack of effort it would take to complete those missions, Kumori would have a lot of free time to train with his mother and half brother. About two year after his graduation, Kumori continued to go through intense training and life threatening, normally traumatizing situations in order to gain full control over this Uchiha ability.

Kumori would then go on to take a special exam to that would test his abilities as a ninja so the higher ups could see if he were ready for the rank of Chuunin. Shadow accepted the terms of this test, which included possible death, and participated in these exams/tests. The way that these tests were set up was to test Kumori’s endurance, accuracy, and, secretly, Sharingan development. These tests could make or break his physical mentality as well as emotionality. It was set up in for ways, an obstacle course from Kumogakure through Hirameku Bridge, a long bridge not too far away from Kumo in the Lightning Country, and nick again within an unbelievably close time limit. Kumori went through the course with traps, bandits, low level ninja, etc. following him and surprisingly made it back before 24 hours, the set time limit with a newly appointed second Tomoe.

Kumori would then go on to test his mentality by taking a test which involved questions that only a genius would know, methods inspired by the Chuunin Exams held in Konoha. Kumori would take the test with the implications that he couldn’t get any of them wrong and expect to pass. Kumori ended up passing the test, but the thing is that he got half of the questions wrong so how did he pass? At the last few seconds of the test Kumori was actually able to successfully steal and switch someone’s test with his own by placing him in a Genjutsu for a short period of time. This was the first version of what he called Chaos Control.

Kumori’s last test, again inspired by the Konoha Chuunin Exams, was an evaluation fight against a Jounin level ninja to see how well he could battle. To Kumori’s surprise, the ninja he was due to face was Ayako Uchiha, his own mother. She tried to encourage Kumori that he could do it, but he refused to fight and surrendered, ultimately losing his chance to rank up. It was later revealed to Kumori that this evaluation was to see if he were actually ready for the rank of Jounin, even though he was a Gennin at the time. The tests and obstacles were actually tested by other ninja to reveal that only a Jounin, possibly Kage, level ninja could have performed such tasks at such a rate.

Kumori was extremely upset at first but eventually got over it and, with the help of his elder brother, was able to look at the positive sides to being a Gennin. Feeling much better about himself now, he started developing his Chaos Control at a better rate and even enhanced it a bit by getting better at his Sharingan. Shadow would also train with his brother to test it out and be a training partner, learning a little bit from him too. Kumori was also tried as a Jounin sort of because he was suddenly given more B, A rank missions, there was even a potential S rank for reasons he did not know of.

Kumori was pushed so far to his limit and back by these deadly situations that he would eventually develop the Three Tomoe Sharingan to further his abilities. Though his life flashed before his eyes a few times, Kumori would come out alive with the help of his training and Kekkei Genkai. His mother and father would then go to the Raikage and demand an explanation as to why her son was getting so many dangerous missions that her other son, a recently appointed Jounin, didn’t even get. She was then informed as to these reasons and told something that shocked her but she accepted anyways.

While reading one of his favorite books on advanced anatomy that he got from his father while sitting on a tree branch, Kumori was attacked by a barrage of shuriken. To his surprise, the attacker was non other than his exam opponent, Ayako Uchiha. She would go on to continuously attack him until finally somehow motivating him to fight back with his full strength that he gained from his high ranked missions. With that, he quickly put Ayako in submission and as soon as it was over, she applauded.

Kumori was confused by this but was soon told that she only fought him for another evaluation, this time in secret. All of those missions were actually for a reason. Kumori was still confused but was soon put into understanding to make room for a whole new world of confusion. It seemed as if he was being evaluated this whole time for a special mission that he was to be given.

The conditions of this mission were an effort to help Konoha with a real big problem that they were having. It seems that by taking Ayako in, Kumo had apparently “stolen” their shinobi so as to not cause any unwanted trouble, Kumo suggested that they “give them” another Uchiha blooded shinobi in her place that was fresh in blood with amazing potential and skill. Ayako was testing Kumori to see if he could be just as valuable to Konoha as she was, but proved to be even more valuable.

Under his mother’s recommendation, Kumori reluctantly agreed to be a Konoha shinobi and to separate from his family to start a new life.

Bloodline: 3 Tomoe Sharingan
Specialty: Taijutsu and Genjutsu
Element:Dominant: Lightning Recessive: Fire

[u[]Name:[/u] Arashi
History: Arashi is a Katana that Kumori’s father started making for him as soon as he graduated from the ninja Academy in order for him to become a better ninja.
Description:It doesn’t seem to have any special properties other than being a very fine toned Katana so Kumori just uses it as one.





Genjutsu/Sharingan Based

Goals: None important

Rp Sample:

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A-Ranked Missing Nin
A-Ranked Missing Nin

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PostSubject: Re: Kumori Harinezumi   Fri Dec 04, 2009 7:40 pm

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Kumori Harinezumi
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