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 Light (Title Night Angel) Done

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PostSubject: Light (Title Night Angel) Done   Sat Dec 19, 2009 6:05 pm

Ninja Information:

Basic Information:

Name:Light , (last name is completely unknown)

Rank going for: Jounin

Village: The southern tip of VIllage hidden with in the lightning

Age: 19

Clan: Soul or rather known as the Ka'kari

Clan and Village Tittle: NIght Angel

Ninja Weaponry:

Class A Swords (two handed)- None

Class B Swords (elemental)- Retribution (a blade made by a black smith who sealed the essance of dark and light together to make twilight. this blade is a clan blade and can only be used by a Soul memeber. This blade is said to have 3 forms. Mercy- where the power of the chakra is set in the arms and hands to make the force of the blade precise. Justice- where the blade it self seperates into two where one half is embeded in darkness and the other in light, this can cause a faster way to fight. Vengance- where a burst of chakra is created and is set off every 16 posts creating a huge blast sending the opponent to lose his/her focuss)

Class C Swords (basic weaponry)- 200 kunai, 500 shuriken, 1 katana, wiring

Jutsu Information:

Class A Jutsu (Jounin-S Rank)- Forbidden Jutsu: Reaper Seal (used by the 3rd hokage)

Class B Jutsu (Chuunin -Jounin)-Deadly Mist (takes affect for 2 posts. it makes it so the opponent can not only see the user but it also consume the chakra of the oponent making said opponent weak on compact)
Water Dragon Fist (Much like the Shadow dragon fist jutsu this jutsu creates a water dragon that forms up from the fore arm and exerted through the users fist creating a medium size water dragon burst which only lasts for about 1 post.)
Twin Water Dragon Fist (same affect as the other water dragon fist but is exerted through both fists creating two dragon bursts)
Water Barieral Seal (Much like gaara's sand coffin but less deadly. the opponent is sent up in a clear coin of water where then the body will drop and the water will plumet into the opponents back or stomach causing him or her to be thrown off gaurd to a next attack)
Summoning Jutsu-Summoning of the Water serpants (like in the name it summons up water serpants up to 10 max but it all depends on your chakra level)

Class C Jutsu (Gennin-Chuunin)-Water Ball (much like fire ball but in water form)
Great Water Ball (much like Great fire ball jutsu but in water form)
Water Maze ( creates a maze of water only through the opponents mind...the thing is the maze is made through genjutsu and lasts for 2 posts which leaves the opponent open for an attack.

Class D Jutsu (Academy-Gennin)-Substitution (basic dodging techniqe)
Clone (creates a clone of your self to use as bait)
Multi Clone (creates many clones of your self to distract opponent)
Weapon Substitution (you use a weapon and substitute it for your self to attack)

Class S Jutsu (Clan Jutsu)-Soul Blade (reforms the molucules of a arm into any blade structure as long as it is one handed weapon)
Soul Wings (Reforms the molucules of the back into wings to create flight)
Soul Sythe (reforms left arm molucules into the form of a sythe)
Soul Transport (reforms the molucules to send user transporting through anything with molucules besides another ninja (example: air, water and the ground)
Advanced Information:

Family: Deceased

Siblings: Deceased

History: Arc One (The Beginning)
As a child Light was born into a clan that was most expieranced in fighting; however, he was also the child who was always the dark one. Later on in his life as a 9 year old he proceeded and became an academy student. In his training he became a natural at everything he did. He fought with grace like the precision of a sword striking into flesh and bones. Soon on from there came the day where to pass on to gennin rank he had to face his sensei, Takeda. Of coarse Light won, but he also sent his sensei to the hospital by acident. He had lossed controll and sent the blade striking into his sensei's stomach. Takeda is still alive but had to retire from being a sensei.

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Posts : 13
Ryo : 26
Join date : 2009-12-19

PostSubject: Re: Light (Title Night Angel) Done   Sat Dec 19, 2009 6:50 pm

Arc Two (The Training) As a starting up gennin Light had to train. Though he had no master he started to train his abilities by taking all the jutsu's he learned so far and striking a tree. Soon on after one week of training Light came upon a woman. As he walked up he noticed a line across her head band showing that she was a rouge. In that instance Light did nothing but create a soul blade and charged at the girl. Seeing this she dodged but noticed a peice of her leg was gashed with a pretty big cut. She smiled and soon after in confusion she offered to train Light. With this she convinced Light that she killed the rouge who owned the head band and was to return it to the mizu kage. Soon after two years pass and Light was trainging with the rouge ninja. He knew only one thing her name was Misu. In these training programs he learned water ball, great water ball, and water maze.

Arc Three (The Betrail) Soon after while finishing training with Misu. She had soon told the truth about her and drew her sword to his throat. Having said that if he wanted to become a Chuunin She would have to kill her. With excitement and rage Light had instantly kicked the blade up into the air. Then suddenly formed a blade in his right hand. Spining it and jabbed it through her chest. Having done so she did not resist and took the blow. SHe fell to the ground in a puddle of red as her head hand sliped off as Light grabed it and held it as it dangled in blood. He soon left for the Mizu Kage's office to confront the kage on these matters.

Arc Four (The Rank Up) Having to meet up with the kage he discovered Misu was an elite rougue ninja who was wanted in every village. Light was soon appointed as Chuunin for killing a S-rank ninja in combat. With this he also was assigned to a ninja who actually fought with the right tittle of the meaning of ninja. His name was Tsuchki.

Arc Five (Confronting Tsuchki) At age 16 Light had wondered off into the base of tsuchki who soon later gave him a greeting he will never forget. Suddenly a whole bunch of senbon went flying at Light as they soon bursted. Light had dodged them all the found the sorce and placed a kunai at the Ninjas throat. Sudenly tsuchki with no hesitation fliped light over and with great speed had made the kunai pierce into Light's left arm. Which soon phased through and healed. Light stood back up as he stood and stared at his new sensei.

Arc Six (The Chuunin Training) Tsuchki had all ready trained Light to learn deadly mist, water dragon fist, twin water dragon fist, water barial seal, and a summoning jutsu. Light soon had to might his sensei again and had to win or die as the loser. Light soon summoned up a sythe and struck at the spinal point of his sensei and paraliezed him completely with appointed Light of two things. Jounin rank and The Night Angel.

Arc Seven (Now A days) Light now lives in the village of mist and works for the kage and takes on new missions.
Clan Information:
Name:Soul Clan or Ka'kari Clan
Description: The clan can control the molucules of them selves to make weapons or they they can phase through the air, water, and ground by modifying the molucules.
Clan Image: Chakra ball and the japanese symbol of earth, water, and air in the form of a triangle with a sword straight through it
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Konoha Genin
Konoha Genin

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PostSubject: Re: Light (Title Night Angel) Done   Sat Dec 19, 2009 7:31 pm

The only villages available are Kumo and Konoha
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PostSubject: Re: Light (Title Night Angel) Done   Sat Dec 19, 2009 7:59 pm

*sigh* Handled this...

Next time put the use the templates provided, but approved.
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PostSubject: Re: Light (Title Night Angel) Done   

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Light (Title Night Angel) Done
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