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 Character Guide

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PostSubject: Character Guide   Thu Dec 10, 2009 7:42 pm



These need to at least sound somewhat Japanese. Also you must ensure that your family name comes before your given name. For example my character is known as Gama, but in the template it would appear as Kurogane Gama since he is in the Kurogane Clan.


These shoud be original and also pertain to your character in someway, mixing his personality and style into one neat title whch would be memorable. This is also only an option for Jounin rank or above ninja, as they are the ones who are noteable enough to be given a title that all know.


The only stipulation is to make it coherent with your rank. Having a 12 year old as a Jounin is hihgly unrealistic, (Yes I know some characters like Itatchi and Kakashi achieved high levels at early ages, but this is an rp sight and we must have certain guidelines.) Also having a 39 year old decide he suddenly wants to be a ninja and just graduated the academy as a genin is another big no.


Male or female, thats really your only choices.


Here you can do one of three things. You can place a picture OR you can place a description using words of how your character looks. Also if you HAVE a picture but there are distinct differences between the pic and how you imagine your character, fell free to post the picture, and add the differences below that. Descriptions should be at least 1 GOOD SIZED paragraph if you choose to go that route.


One of the most important bits here. This needs to tell us basically everything about the character, getting in his head. How he thinks of certain people, his values and morals, why he does what he does. What makes him tick. How do you set him off, what is his idea of relaxation. Basically anything that you can think of that would help us understand your character to the fullest possible limit. Again, A GOOD SIZED paragraph is required.


Good bad or neutral, and then a description of his behavioir as in why he is good why he is bad, or neutral, what side would he take on what. It is ok to repeat some of the information in your personality section here. It does not have to be too lengthy.
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PostSubject: Re: Character Guide   Fri Dec 11, 2009 11:42 am



Ranks are going to vary strictly based on how good of an rper you are. This part of the template allows you to give yourself an honest assesment in your rp skills, there is no shame in being a genin, none at all. However, if you put a rank hihger than the mods/admns think you are ready for, you will be asked to select a lower rank, so please be honest here. The choices are as follows: (if you are in a village) Genin, Chunin, Jounin, Kusakage, Hokage, ANBU, Mitsukai. (If you're a missing nin) C (genin level) B (Chunin) A (Jounin) S (Kage). If you are in akatsuki put Akatsuki


This coincides with your rank, loosely. For people in villages, it will tell if you are a high level ninja for your rank, or average. For genin it could fluctuate between C or B depending. For Chunin the class will always be B. For jounin, it could be A, but a possibility of S for the good ones who are Kage level, but there can only be one true kage. A ninja in Mitsukai or ANBU can fluctuate between B rank and S rank. You can also put high or low next to the classification. For example, a skilled jounin who is not quite kage level yet it would be High A rank. or someone who just barely made it through the chunin exams, it would be low B rank. If you are in Akatsuki, put S rank, no one of lower calibur is to be accepted. If you are a missing nin, just put missing nin.


Pick any of the available villages. IF you are a missing nin you can pick another vilalge to be defected from but what ever you choose, put a strike through it like this Konoha[/i]
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PostSubject: Re: Character Guide   Fri Dec 11, 2009 11:44 am

Fighting Style Information


These are the areas that your ninja is most skilled in, and will dictate how your character fights, and how far he is able to go in each aspect of a ninja art. It is also the most customizable of the traits. All genin start out with one specialty. after each time you rank up, you have the opportunity to choose between learning a new specialty or unlocking a new element. So at chunin you will either have 1 element and two specialties or 2 elements and 1 specialty. However, untill you are Kage or S rank, you can not obtain a third element. So therefore at jounin you will have 2 elements and 2 specialties, or 1 element and 3 specialties. At Kage you can have 4 specialties and 1 element or 3 of one and 2 of the other The specialties you choose will determine what type of jutsu you can learn. They are:

Ninjutsu (spritual), Taijutsu (hand to hand), Genjutsu (illusions), Fuunjutsu (sealing), Kenjutsu (sword)/Weaponry, Puppetry, Medical

A ninja can learn only a limited number of jutsu outside of their specialites, and only at certain levels.

Genin: 2 D rank 1 C rank
Chunin: 4 D Rank 2 C rank 1 B rank
Jounin: 7 D rank 5 C rank 3 B Rank 1 A rank
Kage/S: 10 D rank, 7 C rank, 5 B rank, 3 A rank, 2 S rank


This is most primarily a useful tool for the ninjutsu users. As with the specialties described above, it will also dictate what your ninja is and is not able to do. All genin start out with one. As you rank up you will be given the option to choose between a specialty and an element. You can choose to never gain another element, and just go with more specialties, but that is hardly a likely choice. You can only learn up to two elements until you are S rank (Kage level), so choose wisely. Elements created through a blood line such as Hyouton (Ice) are not to be listed here and instead discussed in your Kekkei Genkei/Clan section. The choices here are less, but are still very important.

Fire, Water, Earth, Lightning, Wind.

The balance of elements goes as follows

Fire > Wind
Wind > Lightning
Lightning > Earth
Earth > Water
Water >Fire

So everything can be beaten by something else, and this is unarguable. As time goes on, however, ninja can begin to learn jutsu outside of their element.

Genin: 0
Chunin: 0
Jounin: 5 D rank
Kage: 10 D rank 5 C rank

This is again, non negotionable.

Special Equipment

This is fairly simple, though does take some creativity, or at least it should. These do not include regular ninja tools that all have such as shuriken and and kunai. However, swords, asumas trench knives, they all SHOULD be included here. Just use common sense, and dont give a character a weapon that is above his rank. A chunin or genin would not be able to wield a sword like kisames. Also, you must have the kenjutsu/weaponary spec in order to use these items. You could however make one as a novelty item if you do not have it as a spec, or are planing on using it later on when you obtain the spec later, but please indicate these situations if they apply to you so the mods/admins do not get angry at you for not reading the template guide.


The name should be the family name of the clan such as Nara or Uchiha. The clan symbol is not required but is always nice for decoration and professionalism. The Kekkei Genkei should include the specialties of your clan, how exactly the clan effects them as a ninja. Not all of these are technically bloodlines, such as the Nara clan which are just clan abilities, but the abbilities here can not be learned out side a clan. So you can learn shadow neck bind if you're not a Nara. Also this should describe an advanced element if it applies like ice, you cant have one with out a Kekkei Genkei, and then explain what two elements mix to create and a detailed description of why the outcome is what it is. This part should be very detailed as Kekkei Genkei are usually very potent and powerful and such a power deserves some effort in its description. Some may require less, but it will usually require a substantial amount. The history should only be a paragraph or two, it should be general information, and not about your character specifically. Any information about how the clan impacted you or your role in it, belongs in your characters history section, not the clans.

Signiture Jutsu

Plain and simple, the 1-3 jutsu your character uses most often in battle and is generally a trademark. If he utilizes an ordinary technique in a unique way such as fireball jutsu, please explain.
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PostSubject: Re: Character Guide   Fri Dec 11, 2009 11:45 am


Please refer to the jutsu rules
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PostSubject: Re: Character Guide   Fri Dec 11, 2009 11:45 am



This should be reflective of your rank, as in it should be more detailed and lengthier than a genin's. It should also be divided into time frames. How its divvied up is up to you, but it is generally by rank, such as genin arc chunin arc, etc. However, they can have certain titles you create or if you want a certain point to standout and declare it as important, make a new arc for it, but make sure it flows chronologically. This is of moderate importance so do not just shrug it off as nothing, for we are where we come from, and with out a history, your character is nothing.

RP Sample

This part is of extreme importance and will be the heaviest deciding factor on which rank you wind up getting in the end. Please if your S rank, and you only put two lines, your going to get yelled at, period, be sensible, and do your best here, we want to see what it is you are capable of because your character can only be as good as you are. Preferably we would like to see how well you can utilize strategy in battle but it is not required to make your rp sample focused around that.
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PostSubject: Re: Character Guide   

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Character Guide
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