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PostSubject: Terekineshisu   Sat Dec 05, 2009 3:45 pm

Name: Terekineshisu
Type: Telekinesis/ Psychokinesis

The birthplace of this bloodline began on a dark night in the slumbering village of Konoha. When a child was born, later named Amelia Katsuo, and possessed strange horns on her head. Doctors could not explain the phenomenon but her parents didn’t care and thus their baby had horns. However, later in the years when she began to go through puberty, strange occurrences began to occur. Things were moving around as if they had a mind of their own and it was normally around Amelia. When her mother asked for a cloth while at the dining table, the counter drawer suddenly opened to Amelia and a cloth floated over to her mother. Amelia continued to eat as if nothing ever happened and soon, they realized it was her that was causing the strange occurrences. Due to this, her parents believed it may have something to do with the horns because their family didn’t possess any bloodline. At least, none they knew about at the time.

One night, they tied her down in her sleep and began to remove Amelia’s horns. She woke up, startled, and screamed as she lashed out at her unknown force with her power. When she untied herself she ran to the door and turned the lights on, seeing her parents lying dead on the floor. Unable to comprehend what had occurred she soon fled to ANBU out of disbelief; a terrible mistake. She was taken in and after examining the family, they soon kept her contained in prison. They experimented and she was contained there until she was in her 20’s and able to take care of herself and had mastered her odd ability. She tricked the people to step within the range of her attack and then the massacre began. She unleashed hr ability on any that came in range and broke free of the containment, disappearing in the world.

Despite them being unable to find her location, Amelia had taken refuge in the place known as Kirigakure. She blended in until her horns were later revealed by some friends she made. They made fun of her and she killed them in her stress, causing the black ops to find her and try to take her captive. She killed them as well before moving off to the wilderness. She lived within the wilderness for days, killing and cooking animals for food and using her ability to gather wood and various other items. She lived as a sort of hermit, sometimes killing passer bys to obtain valuables she could sell and money so she could buy new clothes. She did all she could to stay hidden from the others.

That is, until she soon took interest in one man who passed by with a cart load of items. Lurking in the shadows, she was ready to spring but the cart suddenly broke down and forced the lone man out of it. Amelia then moved in for the kill, ready to take all she could from that very cart to use later. However, when she got close he turned and jumped out of fear as the vectors, her ability surrounded him to kill him. However, the man smiled and greeted her with a strange kindness that she had not seen in a long time. He asked for her help and talked about how he had to deliver the cart to the next village or he would lose his job, besides various other things. She simply stared at him in disbelief, only questioning him if he cared about the horns on her head and why he wasn’t afraid. He simply laughed, stating he didn’t care whatsoever and that shouldn’t separate her from every other person out there. Giving in to her emotions and the fact she found him actually beautiful, she aided him and began to slowly talk to him with smaller words before he took off and disappeared.

Returning to her home within the forest, he never escaped her thoughts but she merely focused on her own life again. Days went by and one morning she woke, hearing a man calling out her name in desperation to find her. Weary, she moved to the source, the voice sounded far too familiar. Turning out to be the man, they met up and he invited her to go with him on his travels and that he wished to talk to her more. Wishing to say no, she went with him anyway and thus their bond began to grow. When they arrived at the small village of Kusagakure, where they later ended up settling down and bonded beyond that of friendship. She then later sawed off her horns to keep her and her family safe, which stopped all the stares and hunters coming after her. They believed she faded from history, possibly was killed somewhere.

When she birthed, her child had the same horns, the 2nd generation in the chain soon to come. The doctors were puzzled yet again, but she told them not to worry that all was well. Despite this they reported it and the family was hunted, both Amelia and the man were killed and the child taken to containment. Rather than killing the child, they took her into containment like Amelia and raised her to think she was created there. The cycle occurred once more and another child was born, except this time the husband and doctors were slaughtered and the child was kept safe. Amelia’s young and what would be granddaughter lived in hiding as they grew.

From there the bloodline began to spread but seeing more and more emerge, the doctors labeled them Diclonius as if they were a new race. When born, it was required that the doctors report the birth and from there the Diclonius were either killed or taken into custody, very few escaped and were usually killed later. However, some got lucky and lived in hiding, but they normally cut their horns off and didn’t reproduce. If they did reproduce, they would kill the doctors and their lovers to hide the young away from harm.

In present times, few remain and if seen are normally killed. However, some get lucky despite all this and simply stay away from humans or aren’t born with the abilities and horns of the clan. Even those who lack the bloodlines “gifts” are normally still killed unless no horns are present on the parents or offspring. They still possess the ability to pass it on to their own offspring though.

Those with the bloodline were then marked as dangerous and units of ninja had been sent to stop them, but all were usually killed. Very few are lucky to survive, but those that normally do, do not make it past E or D ranks. If they manage to grow higher in power and surpass even those ranks, they are even more difficult to deal with and all are killed, despite how ‘nice’ they are. If one it seen, that person is considered rare and you are said to report them and kill them immediately without getting close to them. Due to all this, very few if any remain and do not reproduce. Some believe those who possess the bloodline are even extinct, but it’s hard to tell due to them being in hiding. If they do walk amongst humans, it is because they found some way to blend in or the leaders allow them to join the ranks so they may use them as weapons. Very few would give them a chance, but not everything is impossible.

Description In basic terms, Terekineshisu is the ability to move objects with the mind.
Every human possesses a pineal gland, and in the brain of the user with this bloodline, the pineal gland is enlarged.
Those with this bloodline also possess horns on the top of their heads.
If the user possesses all these traits stated above and are BORN with this bloodline as a true Diclonius, they also have the ability to use invisible "arms" also known as vectors*.
Note: Due to the differences in these people compared to humans, they were thought of as a new race and thus were given the title Diclonius. This title has since stuck.

To Obtain
Those who possess the bloodline must also awaken it, they don't automatically know it. There are a few ways to awaken this power, one is the person must go through events that cause some sort of psychological trauma.
Example: Abuse, life and death situation, seeing very close loved one die, etc etc.

Another way is puberty. At the beginning of puberty, the powers begin to awaken and the user will start to feel headaches before their head feels numb. Through the process of puberty, the ability to use telekineses becomes more known because the user will start feeling the vectors coming out of them and may even see them on some occasions. However, others still cannot see the vectors unless they possess this bloodline.
Ages when people normally hit puberty:


These vectors, "arms", are invisible** manipulated particles of mass that are created and controlled by the Diclonius's mind. These mass particles vibrate at such a high velocity that it allows the vectors to cut through just about anything and or bend it. Another effect to these vectors, besides cutting, is that they have the ability to grasp things as if they were solid and impact objects in a variety of other ways. However, although most may now believe they are just solid, they can also become insubstantial and pass through objects; solid and not.

**They can only be seen by other people born within the bloodline; True Diclonius

They also can only really protect the user from projectiles and physical attacks within their given range and can protect the user from low Ninjutsu attacks, D and sometimes C. However, anything above that is very difficult to block and thus the user will still receive at least more then 75% damage. (Mostly varies per different attack types)
The speed of the vectors is the same speed as the human's reflexes, think of them as more arms.

The strength of the vectors varies on rank as well and the more they are used.
In the beginning, the user will have trouble lifting and blocking he smallest of things but with more power and practice, the user has the capability to fling humans several yards away if they come in range.

Vectors per rank/Range:
D: 2 - 4 (1 meter)
C: 6 -9 (2 meters)
B: 12-16 (3 meters)
A: 18 -22 (4 meters)
S: 28 -36 (5 meters(+))

Weakness’s/drawbacks: Must awaken this ability in order to utilize it.
The vectors can also only reach a certain diameter, between 1 and 5 meters. It is rare to have anyone have a range of more then 5.
Other Diclonius and those BORN with this bloodline can see the vectors.
Vectors do not protect the user very well against ninjutsu attacks above C and do not prevent genjutsu from affecting the user.
Must be born with this bloodline
Diclonius do not have any sort of chakra and thus cannot perform Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, etc etc.
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PostSubject: Re: Terekineshisu   Fri Dec 11, 2009 7:42 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Terekineshisu   Fri Dec 11, 2009 11:43 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Terekineshisu   

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