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 Hinata Hyuuga

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PostSubject: Hinata Hyuuga   Sat Dec 05, 2009 12:33 pm

Name:Hinata Hyuuga
Age 16
Village: Konohagakure

Appearance: Hinata is portrayed as having a dark haired and light eye appearance. She is usually seen with a timid and shy expression. She has dark blue hair in a hime-cut style, with chin-length strands framing each side of her face, and fair skin. Like the rest of her clan, she possesses the infamous Byakugan eyes.

During her pre-teen years, she wore a pale hooded jacket that had a fire symbol on the upper right and left sleeves, and navy blue pants. Since she became a Genin, she wore her Konoha forehead protector around her neck. During Part II, Hinata becomes a Chunnin, She let her hair grow to waist-length, and now wears a white-lavender jacket and navy pants with black sandals.


Personality Hinata is generally kind-hearted, timid, soft-spoken, and polite, applying appropriate name suffixes to most people. Hinata can be a bit of a pacifist as well. She is a kind individual, who is unwilling to watch people get hurt in front of her, a trait that Neji considers a flaw, and dislikes competition and fighting. As a result of her father deeming her inferior, Hinata often lacks self-confidence, and despite training hard, often makes mistakes on missions. Hinata is able to understand people who share pain, and is one of the few people who knows how painful Naruto's childhood was. She generally thinks carefully before acting, allowing her to think more clearly in tough situations.

Hinata has a long-standing admiration for Naruto Uzumaki, making her one of the few female characters her age, if not the only one, not to have a crush on Sasuke Uchiha. Despite being painfully obvious to almost every other character, Naruto has always been oblivious to her attention. Due to her timidness, he finds it awkward to be with her at times, particularly when she is unable to articulate what she wants to say, but still gets along well with her. As the series progresses, she goes to great lengths to win his attention and recognition, even going out of her way in order to help him out.

Hinata gets along well with her teammates. Kiba's actions toward her are often motivated by concern for her, as seen when he urged her to forfeit if she is matched against Neji. Shino often indicates that he believes in Hinata, and makes a point of telling it to others when they doubt or worry about her. Hinata is also the closest to Team 8's sensei, Kurenai, who is especially interested in Hinata's growth as a ninja and as a person. Kurenai noted that Hinata had improved in her battle with Neji. After Hinata was knocked down for the final time, Kurenai, despite appearing sad over how much Hinata had suffered, silently congratulated her student for not giving up. After this, and for the rest of Part I, she began strengthening herself by training with Neji, and encouraged Naruto at the same time, speaking her true feelings a bit more, whilst training hard.

In her teenage years, Hinata still stutters when she speaks and her feelings for Naruto have remained the same over the timeskip, as she is unable to bring herself to greet him when he returns, and passes out when he goes to greet her. However, she appears to be more confident and willing to take decisive action, unlike before. During Pain's invasion, Hinata finally revealed her true feelings, and confessed her love to Naruto.
Alignment Good

History: Hyuuga Hinata is a member of the main house of the Hyuuga clan, a noble family living in Konoha. Her first appearance marks her as shy, timid and meek, which changes very little throughout. Hinata is assigned to the 3-man team number 8, comprising of herself, Aburame Shino and Inuzuka Kiba, watched by Jounin sensei Yuuhi Kurenai. With her bloodline’s special ability, the Byakugan or White Eye, she can see far off into the distance and through objects, complimenting Kiba’s sense of smell and Shino’s homing abilities.

Hinata is first introduced gazing at Naruto, making it known she looks at him with admiration but is too shy to say anything. This becomes a running joke later on, where the mere sight of Naruto can cause her to become paralyzed or faint. Hinata was successfully entered into and participated in the Chuunin Exam, proceeding to the preliminaries for the third round. During their time in the forest of death, she and her team had a near miss with Gaara’s team, witnessing the terrifying power he commanded. It was during the preliminaries that she took her time in the spotlight as the random matches pitted her against her cousin, Neji.

Neji more proficient at using the Byakugan and the Hyuuga-developed fighting style that used it. Before the match began, he noticed her body language and encouraged her to give up, telling her she wasn’t fit to be a ninja. The two engaged in a stunning hand-to-hand battle of the Juuken Ryuu (Gentle Fist) style, channelling chakra into their hands and along the body’s inner chakra pathways, causing internal damage. Despite their impressive fight, Neji was clearly the better fighter. During the battle, Neji expressed his contempt for the main house, due to him being a branch house member and considered inferior despite his skill. He also declared that Hinata’s inferiority was destined and that a loser would always be such, angering Naruto. Hinata was knocked down multiple times, but each time, thanks to Naruto’s encouragement to beat Neji and make him eat his words, she got back up. Her sensei Kurenai was surprised by Hinata's drive, thinking over how she lacked self-worth and how her lack of confidence led her to fail missions in the past.

The final straw came when Neji decided to put Hinata down for good with a blow that would have certainly been fatal. Before he could strike, most of the sensei jumped in to stop him. Outraged, Neji further taunted Hinata about how she was receiving mercy because of the preferential treatment the main house received. Despite his attack being stopped, Hinata collapsed anyway, coughing up blood and needing medical attention. It was on her blood that Naruto swore to defeat Neji for his attitude on "dropouts".

Hinata recovered over the following month. Shortly before the start of the third Chuunin test, she went to the Genin training area to think over her past and her self worth. There she met Naruto, who was unsure of himself before his upcoming battle with Neji. Hinata reassured Naruto that even though he made mistakes he never let them get the better of him. He always pushed to make himself better and he inspired her to never give up as well. This heartened Naruto and he let her know that though he thought she was weird before, he now knows he likes someone like her. Hinata was stunned by the news and stared blankly into space where Naruto had once been. She then left to watch the finals of the exam with Kiba. Hinata was still not fully healed and she began coughing again when Neji began to tell Naruto of their family's past. Kabuto, posing as an ANBU member offered to help her. He used his medical techniques to heal her, why he offered this help is unknown.

It was during this time we learned of the history of the Hyuuga and how the branch house members are branded with the sealing mark on their foreheads. It was the attempted kidnapping of Hinata by a Cloud ninja which lead to the eventual death of Neji's father Hizashi. Hinata's father Hiashi saved her by killing the Cloud ninja, and Cloud sought recompense for their dead ninja by asking for Hiashi's dead body in return. Hizashi chose to volunteer instead, much to his brother's dismay, all to go against the fate of the branch family. Back at the Chuunin Exam, Hinata remained unconscious during the invasion and from this point onwards, became less involved into the story to the point that her appearances were usually watching Naruto while hidden and silently supporting him.

A year later, she had attained the rank of Chūnin, and was still part of Team 8, renamed Team Kurenai. When Naruto greeted her, she passed out, overcome by the prospect of seeing him for the first time in two and a half years. When she came to, just as she began to focus, Naruto came to her and asked, very vaguely, to come with him on his mission, telling her to "shut up and come with him". Hinata misinterpreted the words and promptly passed out again. After this, Hinata asked Kiba if she seemed more grown-up, in the hopes of impressing Naruto. Kiba jokingly teased her, by saying she was still as silly as ever, and then told her that Naruto was behind her, surprising and upsetting her.

When Tsunade learnt of Orochimaru's current whereabouts, Tsunade called for Team 8 for their tracking and information-gathering skills. As they left (under Kakashi, who was filling in for Kurenai), Hinata wondered if Sasuke was there, and, after hearing that he was, asked if Naruto knew, too, but Shino told her that, if he did, Naruto would be unable to contain himself.

During the search, Hinata hoped to succeed in the mission, to make Naruto acknowledge her again. Her Byakugan then detected unusual chakra, and discovered it belonged to one of Orochimaru's test subjects for the Cursed Seal. Through the man's chakra trail, Hinata led her team to Orochimaru's hideout, only to barely escape from it after a trap was sprung, thus destroying the hideout. While searching for survivors, they found several men imprisoned in crystal, before they disintegrated. While Kakashi had Pakkun deliver one of Shino's crystal-encased bugs to Tsunade for analysis, the team continued looking for the enemy. Eventually, Hinata's Byakugan detected the enemies' chakra.

Immediately, Hinata and her team became at a disadvantage through use of a smokescreen. Hinata, however, was able to negate this by using her Byakugan. She ended up facing Nurari, a man with the ability to shift his body to the point of repositioning his organs to avoid damage, effectively making Hinata's Gentle Fist useless. In the end, she was saved by Shino and his insects. She was injured, but said she was still able to move. When the teams later met Guren, Hinata found out that her Byakugan was being disrupted by Guren's crystal barrier, as it produced too much reflective light. When she proved able to defeat one of Guren's clones, the real Guren appeared, and crystallized Hinata, rendering her completely immobile.

After Hinata was saved from Guren, everyone was shocked to see that she remained unharmed after the crystal shattered, unlike previous victims. Hinata revealed that she encased herself in a coat of chakra before the crystal encased her, allowing the team to realize that the crystal jutsu couldn't crystallize raw chakra. After being healed by Sakura, Hinata joined up with her team again in time to save them from the enemies' smokescreen ambush with her Byakugan. Unfortunately, the enemies escaped again, after the appearance of a huge tidal wave. After a powerful fog emerged, Hinata used her Byakugan to discover that a powerful chakra was responsible for creating it.

Later, Hinata and her team were joined by back-up from Konoha, holding orders directly from Tsunade to seal the newly emerged Three-Tails. While not having high expertise in ninjutsu, Hinata was placed on the sealing team because of her great chakra control due to her Gentle Fist training, with further assistance from her Byakugan. Unfortunately, the enemies were able to intervene and stop the sealing process, enabling the Three-Tails to break free of the barrier. Hinata was blown away by the ensuing tidal wave, but Lee and Tenten helped get her and the rest of the sealing team to safety.

After recovering, Hinata was put into a search party for a missing Naruto, to which Hinata showed much desire in succeeding at. After learning that Naruto was trapped inside the Three-Tails, Hinata was again put on a team assigned with the job of sealing the Three-Tails. Unfortunately, the second effort failed, when Yukimaru's power activated in his grief, breaking the sealing jutsu. Hinata and the other members of the sealing team were washed away in the tidal wave. She regrouped with the rest of the team, and used her Byakugan to notice that Yukimaru's chakra network had been damaged by overuse of his technique. She returned to Konoha with the rest of the team.

Team 8 was recruited to help Team Kakashi find Itachi Uchiha. With her Byakugan, Hinata was able to see that one-third of Kabuto had been taken over by Orochimaru's remains. Later, when the squad regrouped, they came across Tobi, who appeared to be blocking their path to Sasuke. During the battle that followed, Hinata took the role of stationary scout, using her Byakugan to follow Tobi's chakra signal. When Tobi and Zetsu left for the location of Sasuke's fight with Itachi, Hinata was asked by Kakashi about what she saw; she said she saw black flames. Kakashi recognized the description as the Amaterasu flames, and he started leading the group to the hideout. Unfortunately, her team arrived too late, due to Zetsu and Tobi's inhumanly fast movement. Tobi had already taken Sasuke away, leaving no trace for the team to track.

Hinata survived Pain's destruction of Konoha. She showed concern for an injured branch house member named Kō Hyūga, stating that his wounds needed to be healed, but Kō explained to her that he would never be able to forgive himself if anything happened to her. Once realizing that Naruto was fighting by himself, she attempted to run to his side, but was stopped by Kō, who warned her she'd only be a burden. Just as she seemingly accepted Ko's words, Naruto was pinned down by Pain. She decided to intervene, despite knowing she did not have the ability to defeat him. With her decision to fight made, she declared her love to Naruto, and proclaimed her willingness to die for him as she launched her assault. However, just as she had foreseen, Pain easily tossed her aside with the aid of Shinra Tensei, and stabbed her with one of his chakra blades. Angered over the apparent death of someone he cared about, Naruto slipped into his six-tailed transformation, while a barely conscious Hinata looked on. As the battle between Naruto and Pain raged on, Team Guy arrived at Hinata's side, and rushed her away from the battlefield and to Sakura's side. With her wounds healed, a thankful Hinata expressed relief toward Naruto's defeat of Pain. When Naruto came back to the village, she shed tears of joy, and was seen later on smiling as the villagers celebrated Naruto's victory.

Hinata was present with the other members of the Konoha 11, minus Team 7. Since Sasuke was causing international events that could lead to war, Konoha 11 were deciding on next course of action towards him.

Bloodline Byakugan
Specialty: Taijutsu, Chakra Attuned

Goals:To hear Naruto’s response to her confession

Name: Chakra Needle Technique
Rank: C
Range Short-Mid
Type: Ninjutsu
Elemental affinity -
Users: Hinata Hyuuga

Description: After focusing chakra outside the body, the chakra is formed into needles and propelled at the user's target. By using Byakugan, this technique can be used to hit very small targets, such as bees.

Name: Gentle Fist
Rank: E-S
Range Short
Type: Taijutsu
Elemental affinity -
Users: Hyuuga Clan

Description: The Gentle Fist style of combat is based on palm strikes and generally aims to damage the body's Chakra Pathway System, thus creating difficulty by inhibiting an opponent's use of chakra. To do this, the user will forcefully insert a small amount of their own chakra into an opponent's chakra pathway system. The chakra can the be used to rupture or divert chakra flow, preventing them from using jutsu. It can also be used to attack the opponent's internal organs, to which the chakra pathway system is closely tied. Even the slightest tap from this style can cause major damage, hence the name "gentle fist." Because the chakra pathway system is invisible, the Byakugan is required for this style to be used effectively. Since the Byakugan is unique to the Hyūga clan, it has become their signature style of combat.

Name: Eight Trigrams Thirty-Two Palms technique
Rank: C
Range Short
Type: Taijutsu
Elemental affinity-
Users: Hyuuga Clan

Description: The Eight Trigrams Thirty-Two Palms technique is a maneuver of the Gentle Fist fighting style. It is essentially a halved version of the Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms, but seems to be no less effective. This technique is used to close off the flow of chakra through thirty-two chakra points of an opponent's Chakra Pathway System. This eliminates their ability to use chakra for quite some time and makes it difficult for them to move.

Once someone is within range of her field of divination, Hinata assumes her Gentle Fist stance and begins to deliver her attack:
First, two consecutive strikes to make two.
Second, another two consecutive strikes to make four.
Third, four consecutive strikes to make eight.
Fourth, eight consecutive strikes to make sixteen.
Fifth, and then another sixteen consecutive strikes in succession to make a total of thirty two.

Name: Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms Guard
Rank: B
Range Short -Mid
Type: Taijutsu
Elemental affinity -
Users: Hinata Hyuuga

Description: Created by Hinata, this jutsu allows her to emit a constant stream of chakra from her palms, creating extremely sharp chakra blades. With her natural flexibility, Hinata can reach any point around her, allowing her to hit any target within her field of vision. While using this jutsu, Hinata moves extremely fast (her movements become a blur), allowing her to hit hundreds of targets with extreme precision, much like the Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms. Additionally, Hinata can control the size of the chakra beams in her palms, allowing her to create larger, arc-shaped chakra beams that spread out across her entire attack range.

With the addition of Hinata's flexibility, the technique creates an "absolute defense" effect similar to that of the Eight Trigrams Palms Heavenly Spin, though the cutting nature of the chakra prevents any outside force from restricting it. In this way, the technique can be used as both an offensive and defensive maneuver.

Name: Gentle Step Twin Lion Fists
Range Short
Type: Taijutsu
Elemental affinity -
Users: Hinata Hyuuga

Description: The user forms two large lion-like shrouds of chakra around their hands, then thrusts them forward at the opponent. The jutsu seems to be performed in a spinning manner to confuse and throw off the opponent's aim.
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Hinata Hyuuga
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