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 Misuto Uchiha Of the Blazing Void.

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Misuto Uchiha
A-Ranked Missing Nin
A-Ranked Missing Nin

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PostSubject: Misuto Uchiha Of the Blazing Void.   Thu Dec 03, 2009 1:00 pm

Name: Misuto Uchiha.
Age: 27.
Rank: A-Rank.
Village: Missing Nin. Originated from Konoha.

Personality: Regular Circumstances: Misuto is a quiet individual, often saying nothing unless spoken to or having an opinion that must be spoken, in groups he will often simply wait until spoken too to express his views. He will stop at nothing to reach his goals, if it means burning down orphanages, slaughtering townsfolk and murdering children, so be it... Although none of them are usually required for him to gain power.

Battle Situation: Misuto lives for the fight, giggling insanely as he toys with them, unless it is a foe of equal power to him, in which case he will fight seriously, aiming to destroy his opponent in as little time as possible.

Alignment: Neutral.

Parents: Misuto's parents were named Tama and Raijin Uchiha, they were cold parents, often arguing with each other over nothing in particular, like what coloured clothes they were wearing or the weather.
Raijin was a high ranking village guard while Tama worked at a clothing shop near the home.

Raijin had only one arm, having lost it during a war that he joined when he was younger, he was also scarred in many places on his body, ranging from shattered bones to lack of fingers and toes, Raijin seemed to have been in many wars.

Child Arc: When Misuto was a child he was forced to work on strength, speed and endurance exercises everyday, often being times to deliver a message to one of Raijin's friends, standing under a cold waterfall for a few minutes, or helping out at a nearby farm to earn his pay which involved carrying heavy bales of hay.

Misuto joined the ninja academy when he was the age of 11, studying and training for three years before he became a Genin and began being sent on missions like 'find a lost puppy' or 'help out at a child's field trip', basically the stuff his father made him do when he was a child. Misuto actually assaulted a village Jounin at one time, getting his ass handed to him on a silver platter, inspiring him to train harder to overcome his enemies.

Teen Arc: It was around his teen years that Itachi Uchiha betrayed the clan, Misuto was away on a mission in another village at that point, thus avoiding the slaughter which killed both of his parents and many of his friends. When Misuto was informed of the murder he collapsed, waking up in a hospital later in the day.

Misuto joined the Chuunin exams as soon as possible, getting through most of it without any problems...Except in the final rounds when he was almost killed by a lightning-user, activating his Sharingan and defeating the opponent. He passed the exams and went on to harder missions, in which he had to assassinate enemies of the village and deliver messages of importance to high ranking people, he was slightly more pleased with his new missions than before.

Chuunin Arc: Misuto began his new missions, one in particular which affected his life forever.. He was sent to kill an expert Genjutsu user on his own, he met the man and was trapped by his techniques, not able to help himself as the man messed with his mind, making him the sadistic being he is today. Misuto eventually got to his senses and killed the man, giggling the whole time like a schoolboy.

Misuto returned to the village and the villagers started treating him differently, like a freak, even his best friend. He spoke to his best friend who couldn't wait to get away from him, Misuto attacked him, quite a struggle ensued in which he activated his Tomeo Two Sharingan, slaughtering his friend and fleeing the village to arrive at the village of mist the next morning.

Misuto trained for the Jounin exams and, after a year, felt that he was ready to take it on. The Jounin exams were tough for him, him having to battle through many challenges of skill and intelligence, solving puzzles and beating down opponents to get to the prize of becoming a Jounin.
He eventually passed the exams and began missions that suited him down to the ground. Many of these were 'kill high threats to the village', which he enjoyed AND got payed for...perfect.

Jounin Arc: Misuto soon fell bored of his missions, feeling that he wasn't learning enough abilities that he could use to kill people and so he snuck into an ANBUs sleeping quarters at night and slit his throat, taking his scrolls and reading them all, not understanding many but picking up some jutsus from them, many of which he found 'useful'. He escaped and wasn't found guilty of the crimes until later on in our story...

He made many friends among the Jounin and ANBU ranks, finding that friendship meant extra protection, which meant that they wouldn't think it possible that he could commit a crime as hideous as murdering an ANBU shinobi. Soon enough, however, he was proven guilty and many of his 'friends' were sent to kill him. Misuto fought fiercly, almost losing an arm like his father and getting many deep wounds, his Tomeo 3 activated and he dispatched the hostiles with relative difficulty.

Missing Nin Arc: Misuto fled the village and became a 'Missing Nin', being marked down in the bingo book as worth around 50000 Ryo dead or alive. He started his own 'business', which was an assassination service which charged low prices, as Misuto was in it for the fun, not the money.
He soon found that he wanted his own 'unique' summoning, and set off to explore the world in search of strange creatures that he could sign contracts with, he found a bipedal create that looked like a crocodile, standing about 17 feet tall with flames eminating from its scales, it carried two huge blazing broadswords. Misuto approached it and fought with it for two days before it deemed him worthy, by this point Misuto was injured and tired, finding a huge relief that the fight was over, signing the contract and sealing the agreement.

Soon enough, Misuto was confronted by an Uchiha who had persued him after hearing about the murder of the ANBU, who happened to be the dead ANBU's best friend, he and Misuto fought for a few hours, Misuto toying with him before finishing him off with his new found summoning.

His story starts here, let us see what destiny holds for him...

Bloodline: Sharingan.
Specialty: Ninjutsu, Genjutsu
Element: Recessive-Fire, Dormant-Lightning.
Weapons:[Post all of your jutsus here, they will be approved with you application]
[u[]Name:[/u] Katana of the Firestorm.
Appearance: It is basically a normal katana with symbols meaning 'flame' on the side of the blade.
History: Misuto bought it, The End.
Description: ...A normal Katana that Misuto often channels attacks through.

Jutsu: (I'll post my 'special' jutsus here, the others in a seperate post)


b]Goals:[/b] None at the time being.

Rp Sample: It was a beautiful, dark rainy night, the rain reflecting the moon's glow into Misuto's eyes as he squats on top of a large pedestal, watching the people in the streets below, most of whom were low life sum and would kill for a small amount of money...Misuto was about to 'remove them' from the streets. He jumps down and lands in a crouch in the middle of a crowd, stopping for a second as the people turn to look at him before his raises his head, revealing his Sharingan Eyes, glinting blood red by the light of the moon that he lvoed so much. He slowly raises and unsheathes his katana, slwoly, deliberately, letting the fear set into the minds of the citezens before running forwards at top speed, slicing several people in the stomach as he runs past them, spilling their guts onto the floor at he stabs at a few more, killing them.
Misuto turns to a crowd of oncoming guards and grins, making handseals as a huge flaming blade appears in his hands, which he swings at the guards and discharges a large amount of fire, burning them to death.
By this point the panic was high, people falling over eachother in a feeble attempt to escape to who-knows-where. Misuto giggles like a child as he looks into the eyes of a man as his head closes in on itself, the man's body falling to the ground as blood spurts from the empty stump.
He turns and looks at the oncoming guards, deciding to bring out the 'big guns', so to speak.
He begins making handseals, biting his thumb and slamming it to the ground as Dirge appears and creates a firestorm, as was his 'penchant' for doing so, wiping out several guards as he swings his blades, blood flying in all directions as body parts scatter.

Misuto watches as guards pull out their crossbows and makes handaseals, Susanoo appearing around him and deflecting off the shield with tiny pings, leaving no damage whatsoever to Misuto.
He turns to the remaining guards and holds his katana out infront of him, which Susanoo takes and holds, a blue aura appearing from the katana and forming a longer one made of chakra, slicing at guards and finishing off the last of them.
Misuto notices several Shinobi appearing and sighs, If I keep this up they may send in ANBU troops, and even I have my limits... He thinks, disappearing.

Last edited by Misuto Uchiha on Fri Dec 04, 2009 11:44 am; edited 6 times in total
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Sasuke Uchiha
S-Ranked Missing Nin
S-Ranked Missing Nin

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PostSubject: Re: Misuto Uchiha Of the Blazing Void.   Thu Dec 03, 2009 2:25 pm

Approved, please add your other jutsus as soon as possible. MS is gained in RP, but other wise, it is fine.
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Misuto Uchiha Of the Blazing Void.
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