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 Shado-Jouten Manako

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PostSubject: Shado-Jouten Manako   Sun Nov 29, 2009 11:30 am

Name: Shado-Jouten Manako (Shadow gods eye)
Type: Dojutsu
History: This eye is completely unknown as to how or why it was created. All that is known is the legends in how it is supposed to be a eye of a god. This is currently only superstition and its unclear wether it even exists.

The legends:

This eye was supposedly endowed by the people of shadows. It is supposed to rival that of even the rinnegan eye. This eye however is secondary intuned to workers of god and are talked to whoever is endowed with this eye is also a servant to god.

It is also told that a shinigami is a user of this eye and it gives them there powers. Therefor it is said that only the Shinigami god has one of these eyes. This is only superstition however and is speculated.

The current legend is that of a member of akatsuki has one and uses it to bring upon ‘gods’ judgment upon the people. This is the only account of the eye and is simple rumor unless clarified.

The eye is a dojutsu based ability that works much like the sharingan in the terms of its evolutions and also in how it can get stronger along with the user.

The natural eye:
The eye works much like the rinnegan as it affects the persons vision permanently. The eye essentially corrupts the optic nerves of a person. This works for both eyes even if one eye was transplanted. The person who has this eye will lose all normal vision and lose all color and ability to discern from there sight. They will only see completely black as if they were blind or had there eyes closed. There is no actual benefits from the natural eye part of this dojutsu.

The appearance of the users eye is that there entire eye is completely black in looks.

The ellipsoid enlightenment:
This is the first form of the dojutsu that actually gives positive benefits. This part of the eye is the form that is attainable by near death experience. In this sense one must ‘die’ to gain this eye. Once this eye has been achieved it becomes permanently activated.

Physical Benefits:
This eye gives small physical benefits such as a higher speed ability meaning they can move slightly faster than they normally could due to there reflexive reasoning is increased. This is caused due to the eye pumping all power that was used for sight multiplying it and then adding to the other senses as needed.

Spiritual Benefits:
This eye still does not give the user sight however it gives it something else. The eye taps into what is known as the nether or spiritual energies. At this level of the eye they are able to glance into the world and essentially see a spiritual force of a person [There soul]. At this level its very hard to see them and at the most they will only see small multicolored spheres moving around.

Jutsu based benefits:
The only benefit given here is the use of shadow Manipulation stronger than that of even a Nara with countless years of experience.

Orb of Enlightenment:
This is the second to last level of the dojutsu and it adds onto the effects of the latter eye. This level of the eye is obtained through constant use and training of the latter eye. Its obtainable after 2 months of gaining the first form of the eye and after a training topic in which its atleast 3500 words.

This eye’s appearance changes from a half moon to a full circle in the eye of the person.

Physical Benefits:
There is no more physical benefits from this level.

Spiritual benefits:
The spiritual benefits of the eye increases the users ability to see the spiritual power of the person. This gives the user full sight of people’s souls and the souls take on the complete body of the person. Inside of it a unreadable text that floats in the persons body.

Jutsu benefits:
The jutsu benefits are an increase to there shadow manipulation and it allows for 2 specialized techniques for the user to gain through training.

Name: Kage Bondingu
Rank: A
Range Eyesight
Type: Ninjutsu
Elemental affinity Kekkei-genkai, Shadow manipulation
Users: Users of Shado-Jouten Manako

Description: This jutsu is a powerful jutsu and is severely deadly unless the opponent can catch onto what's going on. The opponent must look into the users eyes and they will instantly be caught in this jutsu. This jutsu utilizes the opponents own shadow to trap them. The moment that the eye contact is made the opponents shadow will rush at increased speeds towards the user. If the shadow touches the users shadow it will instantaneously be bonded to it allowing the user to use any Jutsus involving the user to connect to the others shadow. Simple enough to get out of that you just don't need to look into the persons eyes and if you look away your shadow will stop and after 2 post’s it will receded back to its normal position.

Name: Kage Engai
Rank: S
Range 50 meters
Type: Ninjutsu
Elemental affinity Kekkei-Genkai, Shadow
Users: Shado-Jouten Manako users

Description: This jutsu is a powerful jutsu that utilizes shadows from the entire area. Each shadow will start to expand and soon solidify as they climb into the air. This will create a giant dome of shadow that surrounds a 50 meter area. The insides are normal and is still like it was normally but now there's a giant dome of shadow that surrounds the area that the user can utilize. This dome will last for 5 post’s then it will crumble down in shards. The user is unable to leave this dome area or it crumbles. The dome keeps anyone inside of it trapped and it can be broken from the outside by an A-rank jutsu.

The eye of the deceased:
This is the final level of the eye and is essentially a Mangekyou form to the eye. It utilizes the souls of other people and it allows the person to finally read the inaudible text written inside people. It gives the user the ability to see everything the person has done and then allows them to place a sense of judgment upon them. The user’s eye will take on the form of a 10 sided star with the inner circle separated from it. The star will spin in the persons eye.

Spiritual Benefits:
This eye allows the user to finally read the floating text in the person. They can since then gain knowledge about the person as they read the text. [The information is limited to, there name, there age, there elemental affinity and there history. They can’t look at any Jutsus or anything of that sort.]

Jutsu benefits:
This allows for the user to develop one single special clan based jutsu that must deal with judgment. This jutsu must go through jutsu creation and be approved by two moderators.

Natural Eye:
This eye makes the person ‘blind’ for life.

The ellipsoid enlightenment:
physical drawbacks:
The senses are multiplied making him very susceptible to powerful smells or anything doing with the other senses besides sight. Making it so even a very smelly fart can cause him pain [Much like kiba]

Spiritual drawbacks:
Just because he can see a person’s soul doesn't mean he is able to discern different people from others. So its still worthless for sight.

Orb of enlightenment:
Spiritual drawbacks;
They can now see a person’s entire body but it still is hard to tell a person apart. They are unable to read the text that is floating inside the person. Meaning this is relatively useless for sight purposes and makes it a large hassle in a crowd.

The eye of deceased:

This eye like an Mangekyou eye of the sharingan comes with a very hard recoil. It drains an A-rank amount of chakra per post its active and also it will cause the users organs to convulse and he will start coughing up blood after four post’s this is active. It also takes 3 post’s to fully analyze a person’s text. While they are analyzing there text they can’t perform Jutsus.
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PostSubject: Re: Shado-Jouten Manako   Sun Nov 29, 2009 11:37 am

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Shado-Jouten Manako
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